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September 2004


- Deep stuff for strategy and history buffs

- Extremely low system requirements



- If you lack patience or want action, look elsewhere



Review: Austerlitz - Napoleon's Greatest Victory (PC)



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Hearts of Iron Platinum

Score: 8.0 / 10


There’s nothing hardcore wargamers and strategists love to do more than hunt down reviews that pertain to the genre then fill the inbox of the writer of the review with vitriolic ramblings with the goal of making the writer cry or at the very least to demonstrate that their own knowledge of the game/genre is far, far superior.  Or worse, they write page after page of insulting text on the message boards that are frequented by like-minded individuals who can keep the topic alive and at the top of the charts for weeks at a stretch.  I generalize, of course, but I’ve been on the receiving end of such things after reviewing Austerlitz: Napoleon’s Greatest Victory and Remote Assault.  This is why the proceeding review might seem slightly ambiguous.  I can reduce the number of angry emails if I stay away from detail, because even though I liked Hearts of Iron Platinum (HoI) I would be sure to get emails attacking my intelligence for even one misstep or inaccuracy.


hearts of iron review          hearts of iron platinum review


HoI initiates the new player with a round of tutorials to get them playing with a level of competence so global dominance can commence.


HoI is set between 1936 – 1948 and is a deep representation of the time, although it doesn’t always stick to the strict history of the time (you are at the controls after all).  HoI can be labeled a real-time strategy game but it let’s you pause whenever they like to issue orders and make better planning decisions.





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This function is a “must use” feature, not one that can be ignored – you’ll fail every time if you do.  While playing through the scenarios, you not only have to prove your military might, but also your broader strategic know-how as you deal with industrial capacity, making sure the citizenry is happy, internal politics, diplomacy, and managing technology research so your might can grow no matter which nation you control.


For the most part, managing all this is straightforward once you 


learn the system and understand how everything is connected.  Zero in on the word “learn” because this is no pick-up and play affair – this is about as deep as it can get before it crosses the line to simulation, which would only be enjoyed by a handful of individuals.  There is real enjoyment to be had with HoI but you have to be willing to put in the time, because if you’re expecting to encounter colossal explosions like those found in Command & Conquer you’ll be sorely disappointed.  Gratification isn’t instant.


hearts of iron platinum review          hearts of iron platinum review


Although the graphics aren’t eye-popping, for this kind of strategy game they work extremely well.  The manual states that you’ll need a minimum PII 300mhz PC with at least Win95 installed to play HoI, which makes it suitable for play on most laptops and play without a hitch on current PCs.


Hearts of Iron Platinum is a perfect buy for the “thinking” strategist that is willing to learn something; all others steer clear because you’ll get bored real quick.


- Omni

(October 24, 2004)


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