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IO Interactive



M (Mature)



Q3 2000


- Great new idea for game

- Finally a game where you can't just blaze away at an opponent

- Real "realism"



- Can you say textures?

- Really glitchy objects in game

- Cannot just pick up the game and play



Review: Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (PC)

Review: Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (XBox)



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Hitman: Codename 47

Score: 7.0 / 10


Hitman: Codename 47 is a game where you play the title character, an unnamed hitman for hire who is the product of some revolutionary genetic experiment. The story behind this game is that you are being hired out to eliminate the people and evidence of this experiment and you discover that you are the NEXT TARGET. Wow, they must have spent like the time up to when their potato skin appetizers came to develop this revolutionary new plot - maybe if we're lucky he could like save a princess from a large lizard/turtle guy (uh-oh, here comes Nintendo 15 years ago to franchise my new idea). Well the story sucks, but the game play definitely makes up for this deficiency - this game brings a new idea to the gaming industry: real "realism". Usually when you hear the buzzword "realism" that just means that you're going to see in graphic detail what the guy had in his mouth when you blow a rocket through his frontal lobe. Not so in Hitman, you actually have to think like an assassin - no bum rushes at the enemy front lines by lobbing a handful of grenades at inept guards. If you fire a shot at someone - you'd better believe that the guards heard it and are moving in to take a chunk out of your hide. In addition, you actually take realistic damage, and unfortunately so do your enemies - two or three good shots to your unprotected body and you're going to be watching that graphic of you falling in slow motion again.


hitman-a.jpg (9854 bytes)   hitman-b.jpg (15461 bytes)   hitman-c.jpg (8891 bytes)

Stealth and strategy now become your most important tools - don't just go blazing in moron, you'd better be thinking how can I pick off my target from a distance and still get out of here with most of my blood or better yet, is it possible to take out one of the guards with piano wire, hide his body, wear his clothes, and then plant a car-bomb? It's like chess, but with really cool guns.

The game play is in the 3rd person, you can either watch 2 feet behind your character or in that annoying "Tomb Raider" moving camera view (prepare your barf-bags). The games' weapons are becoming rather standard: a variety of pistols, knives, piano wire, rifles, shotguns, and other weapons but if you choose one of the larger weapons you cannot hide it and you are forced to carry it around, you kind of stick out dressed as a lap dancer carrying an Israeli-style MP5 semi-automatic assault rifle.





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The detractions to the game are pretty surprising, the textures in the game look like something out of a game four years ago - for example, in one level you have to kill one person in a park and the preferred method is with a high-powered rifle. All of the trees look terrible - almost like the programmers took a picture out of a book and held it up to make the scenery, this is not good considering how young this game is.



The second major annoyance is the presence of "ghosting" objects. I actually dragged a body through a bar, two doors, and a sewer grate all without opening a single door. There is nothing more annoying than watching the gun you're carrying pass through a wall and alert a guard on the other side (don't you think that you'd be a tad frightened if you saw a gun float through a wall while you're on duty - JIM! It's that ghost from Poltergeist and he's hooked up with the NRA instead of PBS!!).

The last detractor is the difficulty - IT TOOK ME FIVE TRIES TO GET THROUGH THE FIRST MISSION AND I'M A BLOODY UNIVERSITY GRADUATE!!! This game takes a long time to play and beat levels - if you are the kind of schmuck who falls off the ski-lift onto a crag of pointy rocks then goes mogul running with a fractured tibia - this pain is for you. I turned off the game twice in utter disgust - only to turn it on again later so I could finish the review.

The long and short is this: this is probably the best game-play design that I've seen in years; the game play is twitchy - if you're a purist you're going to have a conniption playing this. This is a good game that could have been much better with a little more work on the fine tuning and presentation.

- Tazman


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