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Q1 2001



- Technically sufficient



- Same ol' RTS gameplay

- Same ol' RTS visuals

- Same ol' RTS sounds



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Kingdom Under Fire

Score: 5.5 / 10


This whole real-time strategy thing really, really needs a good, thorough facelift. There are just way to many of these games that play entirely too similarly, adopting the WarCraft/Command and Conquer approach. While weíre seeing some advances being made in the genre with games like Home World, titles like Kingdom Under Fire  only add to the stagnation. This is another RTS filled to the rim with resource management and rushes, leaving tactics and innovation on the sidelines. Thatís not to say the game is a total waste, as it does perform the traditional RTS role extremely well. If youíre looking for something new though, donít expect it here.





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Presentation-wise Kingdom Under Fire is very similar to its RTS brethren. Thereís the sprite based, fantasy-esque characters, the fog of war, and the good and just look of the humans and their allies, and the dark and decaying look of the orcish hordes. There really isnít anything to look at that will have players fawning over it save for the occasional spiffy spell effect. Audio is of the typical rousing boisterous sort. Nothing that will get you 


humming a couple of lines in the office, but it serves its purpose. Thereís even some voice acting, but the game would have been better off without it. While there are a couple of very good actors most are atrocious.

The gameplay is where youíll almost instantly start thinking, "Now where have I seen this before?" Itís the same old thing weíve seen in an RTS since way back in the WarCraft days with such teeny tiny differences between this title and the other RTS games littering store shelves from the standpoint of presentation and gameplay. The innovation just isnít here. Resource management and rushes are the order of the day, with a new story carrying the game, all be it not all that well.

This game feels like it came straight out of the cookie cutter. Weíve seen these RTS games for five years now and there have been very few changes. Weíve also been bitching about the lack of improvements to these types of games, now if only people listened.

- Mr. Nash


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