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M (Mature)



October 2, 2007



- If you like Diablo, youíll like this

- The music is well done and inspiring

- Decent multiplayer



- If youíre tired of Diablo, you will be tired of this game

- Game is not as polished as you might expect (spelling mistakes for example)

- Inventory and management screens often get in the way



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Loki: Heroes of Mythology

Score: 6.5 / 10


loki heroes of mythology          loki heroes of mythology


Loki is a mythical giant in Norse mythology, but he is not the only hero you will get to control in Loki: Heroes of Mythology. You can also be an Aztec Shaman, a Greek fighter, and an Egyptian sorcerer. You choose which appeals to you the most, and set out on your journey from there.


Like Diablo, Loki plays from a third person perspective with an adjustable camera that lets you zoom in closer to the action. Get ready to hack and slash your way through countless enemies as you loot and kill on many ďbeen here beforeĒ type fetch quests.


The heroes are all interesting, the environments are unique but you may still find




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yourself feeling somewhat disinterested.  Perhaps it is that the developerís tried to accomplish too much by setting their sights high, and yet fails on some of the basics of an action RPG. Fighting the inventory and management screens for example is not the kind of fighting I had in mind when I first booted up the game.


The graphics are good, but the 3D camera can 


be both a blessing and a curse.  The control lets you see the action unfold at virtually any angle, but when you leave it to try and deal with combat and moves, it often gets in your way. The curse of the camera once again blesses another game.


The sound effects are about average but I found the music in this game to be a pleasant surprise. Inspiring and fitting to the game content, youíll find yourself more immersed in the experience than you might otherwise be. But the voice-overs are inconsistent, ranging from good to oh not-so-good.


loki heroes of mythology          loki heroes of mythology


Multi-player is fun as you team up to go on your quests, but Iíve talked to some players who had issues getting their patches working correctly to get this part of the game seamless. I had no difficulty with mine, but your mileage may vary.


The game suffers from load times, minor glitches here and there but overall is an enjoyable experience if you know what you are in for.  The gameplay innovation that this title does bring to the table comes in with very specific things you will have to do based upon which mythology course you choose. You can even do things like break down items you no longer require to reinforce and strengthen existing weapons or armor.


Loki: Heroes of Mythology may not bring anything really new or exciting to the table, but if you enjoy this sort of game you will find hours and hours of enjoyment and after all, thatís really what itís all about isnít it?


- Syd Bolton

(December 14, 2007)


Syd Bolton has been collecting game consoles for over 20 years and has dozens of systems and over 5,000 games. Do you agree or disagree with this review? Make sure you share with us here.


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