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Q4 2002



- More Medal of Honor goodness

- Good additions, especially multiplayer



- Some will feel a bit let down for the price they pay



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Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Spearhead

Score: 8.5 / 10


Did you enjoy Medal of Honor: Allied Assault?  Then Spearhead -- a trembling shot of adrenaline and AA's expansion -- will suit you just fine because the action is compressed and more intense than the regular game.


medal-honor-spearhead-1.jpg (33358 bytes)         medal-honor-spearhead-2.jpg (30810 bytes)


But that compressed action, although more intense, means you'll zip through the single-player campaign in short order -- about 6 hours.  If you calculate the dollars to gaming ratio, Spearhead still works as an expansion ($30/6 hours = $5/hour, 




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which is comparable to current movie prices), especially when you take a look at the additions.


New Allied skins, new weapons (including mounted weapons such as anti-aircraft guns), new missions and a host of multiplayer maps are just some of the additions.  Spearhead also sets the new standards for Medal of Honor's mission transitions.  The use of poetry and longer movie clips really set the tone.



You also play a different character.  As Jimmy Patterson is hitting the beaches, Jack Barnes (read: you) is parachuting into enemy territory.  I'm glad of the character switch.  In fact, Medal of Honor as a series should present a different character each time, possibly even opening the series to other Allied nations (for the protagonist).  After all, it wasn't just Germany vs. USA.


medal-honor-spearhead-3.jpg (42241 bytes)          medal-honor-spearhead-4.jpg (20755 bytes)



Although most everyone else will single out the $30 price tag as it's biggest detraction I don't really see that as a problem.  You get a solid expansion with Spearhead and an even better value if you're into the multiplayer game.


- Omni

(February 20, 2003)


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