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Oxygen Interactive



Buka Entertainment / Saturn






May 2004 (Europe)



- Engaging storyline

- Great presentation

- Perfect if you’re a horror buff



- Subject matter will no doubt churn a few stomachs



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Midnight Nowhere

Score: 8.8 / 10


Midnight Nowhere is the hottest new addition to the classic point and click genre and is one of the most gossiped about and publicized games currently in release, pushing the boundaries of what is considered “politically correct” in gaming.  I knew this game was going to be beyond what I could ever expect or imagine from a game – the case carries 16+ caution, severe language and sexual content warnings.  Midnight Nowhere is described as possibly the most disturbing adventure game of the year, thus crippling itself with immense pressure to perform – although my experience of Midnight Nowhere exceeded even my wildest expectations.


midnight nowhere review          midnight nowhere review


The story line in Midnight Nowhere is arguably its strongest asset; it immerses you so successfully that you could almost be playing a film (thankfully not Gigli).  The storyline is set in 2019 in the town of Chernoozersk.  Four mutilated bodies of homeless people are found in a basement. Then two young women are found in a park and three further at different locations around the town, followed by eleven more (and so on) until the body count reaches seventy-eight and the people of Chernoozersk begin to flee and a state of emergency is declared.  This is the scenario where the hero wakes up and gameplay starts.


Having always been a huge fan of horror, Midnight Nowhere was the perfect opportunity to try and fill that deep, dark void that was left by Resident Evil.  Midnight Nowhere is an epic adventure that is capable scaring the wits out of even 




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the most hardened horror fanatic.  Midnight Nowhere encompasses all the traits a first-rate horror game could ever wish for, a fiendish mix of puzzles, horrific deaths, darkened morals, serial murder, sick satire and sprinkling of sexual perversion and necrophilia.


The game follows a storyline that evolves slowly as you advance further into the game; generating a dramatic, complex and adrenaline-packed


adventure that is guaranteed to keep you busy for days on end.  As the storyline gets deeper, the puzzles get more complex and more characters appear, a simple but effective tactic that builds a morbid atmosphere filled with tension and suspense.


The first aspect of Midnight Nowhere to make an impact is its stunningly inviting graphics and animation.  Meticulous attention has been paid to the design and movement of each of the characters, making it easier to identify each character.  The bodies scattered throughout the levels are so detailed and realistic that they can be, at times, very disturbing (though highly entertaining) and add to the mysterious and morbid atmosphere of the game.  Similarly, there are over 60 immersive environments full of detail and gore.  The use of lighting plays an intrinsic role in creating a horrific, spine-tingling environment for the characters to interact within.


midnight nowhere review          midnight nowhere review


(The graphics function superbly with the minimal requirements of 1GB hard disk, Pentium II 400, 64mb RAM, Direct X and 4 x CD-rom drive.  From the beginning, it is crystal clear that the designers and artists working on Midnight Nowhere were inspired directly by other horror games such as Resident Evil and Turok.)


Midnight Nowhere shows signs of pure creative genius at every turn, but its not until you immerse yourself in the game you can fully appreciate the amount of thought that has gone into making the game playable.  The hero of the game is easy to control, and the in-game controls are easy to learn and can be picked up by even the most simple of creatures.


The major problem with Midnight Nowhere is that having been released a year after the success of Resident Evil Zero, it is very hard to play this game and not suspect that it was made trying recreate that success.


All in all, Midnight Nowhere is the best title of the year to come for the exciting and morbid horror genre.  Midnight Nowhere is a fine and classic example of what gaming should be – stimulating, playable, refreshing and real.  A title to be remembered for years to come, and fright the living daylights out of the hardest horror fanatics.  Midnight Nowhere is quite simply positively charged, spine-tingling fun!


- Chase Scott

(May 17, 2004)


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