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September 2006



- Fans of the original will be right at home

- A stand-alone expansion for $20US? RTS fans can't really go wrong

- Graphics have held up over the last two years 



- Tiny units and chaotic battles can lead to plenty of frustration

- Story is far too bizarre to follow

- Hasn't changed in two years



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Perimeter: Emperor's Testament

Score: 8.0 / 10


It's been slightly more than two years since the original Perimeter was released and its stand-alone expansion, Emperor's Testament, snuck up on me late last month.  After lauding the original with so much praise you might think I would have been aware of an expansion, but Emperor's Testament surprised me with its appearance.


perimeter emperor's testament            perimeter emperor's testament


Not much has changed over the last two years.  In fact re-read my Perimeter review from a couple years ago (see sidebar); it could almost be used for a review of Emperor's Testament.


Emperor's Testament features the same interface as the original; base expansion is done by terraforming the landscape flat; installing energy cores to supply power and collect the game's only resource; churning out units to nanomorph into larger 




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and more powerful units to defend your base; and ultimately charging up your "spiral" to make the jump to the next world/dimension/ sponge (I could never really decide what to call it).  It's all back, as well as the almost hypnotic motion of the all-encompassing base shield.  The story is much more bizarre than I remember of the first game, with so much 


sci-fi mumbo-jumbo that I skipped through the plot elements to get to the action, which is as satisfying as ever.


perimeter emperor's testament          perimeter emperor's testament


Some of the scenarios seem unnecessarily difficult, with overwhelming odds against hordes of enemy units.  Even in the early going its very common to have to restart a mission from scratch because of the odds stacked against you.  Once the tech tree has been learned (i.e. building a Bomb Facility so rocket units can be created and base defenses can be augmented with rocket turrets), it can feel slightly like "going through the motions" to reach a successful conclusion but the goal of each scenario is just different enough from the last to keep the player on their toes.  The difficulty level overall is on par with the original game.


What I'm getting at is that Perimeter: Emperor's Testament is more of the same, which isn't a bad thing.  It doesn't feature the same level of changes of most expansion packs, but the strategic elements are sound and the campaign is long enough to justify the paltry $20US price tag.  Strategy gamers should not pass this up if they enjoyed the original.


- Omni

(September 12, 2006)


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