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Q1 2001



- Improved on-screen displays over Quake III Arena

- Great new team games

- More skins




- Can't use new on-screen display in Quake III Arena

- Where's the team deathmatch?

- Some minor operational issues



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Quake III: Team Arena

Score: 9.2 / 10


Quake III: Team Arena is the official add-on package for the widely popular Quake III: Arena. The add-on includes some new characters for your fraggin' pleasure in addition to more levels and game modes. Included are the new team games of One Flag Capture the Flag, Overlord and Harvester in addition to the returning Capture the Flag (CTF). All of these new games take place in the Capture the Flag maps where there are two distinct bases of operation, namely the blue and red teams.


q3a-a.jpg (17619 bytes)   q3a-b.jpg (11532 bytes)   q3a-c.jpg (14272 bytes)

The One Flag CTF is a variation as it is named, there is one flag on the course, usually right in the middle of the map. To score in this game, someone must grab the flag and instead of running home, must run right into the opposing base of operations and place it on their flagpole in order to score. This variation can quickly become extremely difficult, especially when playing with a large number of players or bots. With all the dead players re-spawning at their home base, going on a shooting rampage could make your blitz into enemy territory exponentially more difficult.

The Overlord game is a different type of invasion match, where the objective is to destroy a skull in the center of the enemy base which can absorb 2000 hit points (with bullets counting as 1 and 10 for rockets and rail shots). Needless to say, strategy is extremely important in this match where a full-out assault could win the 




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game quickly, and a team relying on defense could allow their attackers to prevail. Its a tricky balancing act between offense and defense. An Overlord game can take an extraordinarily large amount of time to play, so don't make any plans.


The final addition is my personal favorite, the Harvester match. At the center of the map is the skull generator, a machine that spits out a skull for every character fragged. To score points, 


collect enemy skulls at the generator and run them to the collection point in the enemy base. Although a killing rampage could rack up a large number of skulls for your team to collect, you are going to have quite the reception waiting for you when you try to score.

The greatest of the additions has to be the spectacular on-screen displays. The new displays keep all of the vital statistics accessible with a glance, and adds orders and a position title an excellent addition if you get lost easily on the new maps. Also added are three new weapons: the nailgun, the prox launcher and the chain gun, all of which are welcome additions to the action. To the chagrin of your enemies, some specialty tools are available: an invulnerability sphere and a kamikaze attack. Finally, the id Software team added something different, POWERUPS! This is a great idea! At your base there are a variety of power-ups that can be used by your team: Guard (non-degrading armor and health), Scout (increases rate of movement and fire), Doubler (doubles attack damage), and Ammo Regen (regenerates ammo as you expend it). A certain amount of thought and strategy is required in choosing. And since you can only use one as a team, you must choose what is best for your squad.

My complaints about this title are few, the most important of those being some sound issues. During game play, it sometimes locks on a sound reminiscent of a waterfall for about 20 seconds but does not affect the game in any other way. Of minor annoyance is that the new on-screen display cannot be played in the base Quake III: Arena, which is a real letdown because of how great the new layout is. Finally, I must mention the missing team death match, which really is missed from a collection of great team games like this.

Quake III: Team Arena is a great add-on for fans of the Quake series and multiplayer mayhem. This is a must have for the frag fanatic.

- Tazman

NOTE: You must have the full version of Quake 3 Arena to play Team Arena.


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