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Probe Entertainment



E (Everyone)



Q3 1999



- Solid physics and controls

- Visuals and music

- Track design and AI



- Handling takes some getting used to



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Score: 9.0 / 10


RC Cars have always been a neat facet of the hobby world. They were practically a guaranteed good time as they zipped around giving off their little high-pitched whirring noise. Add some jumps and the cars practically took on a life of their own. Acclaim has taken all the fun little quirks of RC racing and slapped them into a fun little racer. With some kart racing elements thrown in for good measure Revolt is a fabulous racing game.


For a game with such a carefree theme as RC Car racing Revolt certainly has great physics. All of the cars handle just as they would in real life, skittering around corners when they’re being driven at full speed, hopping and bopping when they go over bumpy terrain, and flipping when the bumps get to be too much. This takes some getting used to as it can be very easy to spinout and flip the car for those unaccustomed to using RC Cars. But once mastered these problems are no more. What’s really crazy is how easy it is to spinout in the freezer in the Supermarket level, whirling and twirling through its icy expanse. Thankfully to accompany this there are some very solid controls that can be customized to the player’s heart’s content. They’re very responsive making for a very hassle-free experience.


Not only are the physics and controls handled well, but the visuals and audio are great as well. All of the environments are well designed, and there are a ton of cars to choose from (with more that can be unlocked as the game progresses). The sound effects are well done with the click-clack of the cars hitting the ground after 




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doing a jump, and the weapon sounds are very appropriate. Musically, there are some incredible techno tracks to be enjoyed. The tunes are definitely worth some attention here.



But how are the tracks and the AI? Both are very well done. The tracks are plenty challenging and incorporate a number of little extras that are very fitting for RC Cars. Ramps are set up for players to take 


advantage of, and there are plenty of objects to find power-ups under. The AI too is well done. These opponents are far from pushovers, as they’ll fight tooth and nail to beat you to the finish. There are plenty of times that players will see the finish line plain sight only to be hit by a bottle rocket or water balloon. You’ll really have to earn you victories here, but it’s not impossible.

Acclaim really has a quality racer here. Solid controls, awesome soundtrack, nice tracks, the whole nine yards. Beginners may be scared off by the somewhat steep learning curve, but those unfettered by this will find a great racer in Revolt.

- Mr. Nash


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