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August 30, 2010



- Usual crazy and out-there storylines all once again tie together for a satisfying Sam & Max finale



- Playing as the monster-mashing Max was a nice idea, but itís too easy to get lost in city with hard-to-manipulate controls while searching for locales



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Sam & Max 305: The City that Dares Not Sleep

Score: 8.5 / 10


sam & max 305          sam & max 305


Max is definitely not feeling himself at the end of the fourth episode and immediately beginning the fifth and final episode Ė The City That Dares Not Sleep of Sam & Maxís third series, The Devilís Playhouse. He has been transformed from being the cuddy-but-crazy little rabbit crimefighter to a hulking, Cloverfield-esque monstrosity stomping around Manhattan. Itís up to his best buddy and Freelance Police partner, Sam, to find a way to help him regain his smaller (and less-city-




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threatening) stature before one of two things happen: ďmonsterĒ Max destroys the city, or acting president Superball destroys Max.

Puzzlingly, The Devilís Playground series concludes with the Devilís Toybox, the main instrument of all the devilish mayhem throughout the first four episodes, making only a cameo appearance, and only one of those


possessed toys, the Tron robot, being implemented into The City That Dares Not Sleep gameplay. Maxís psychic powers arenít even used, either, but thatís a bit understandable since Max is a crazy, colossal beast nearly the entire episode.

It almost might have made more sense to have the stories of episodes four and five reversed, with the finale battle against Charlie Ho-Tep and the destruction of the Devilís Toybox being the ending of the third season instead of its climactic moment.

But although it concludes with more of a sentimental ending than the usual hilarious ribaldry of a Sam & Max adventure, once more gamers will be laughing all throughout this episode, with its bizarre storylines zigzagging all over The City That Dares Not Sleep.

Where else can gamers find a tale where Momma Bosco returns to human form from the spirit realm, Superball becomes the acting president, and Sam, a pregnant Sybil (carrying her hubbyís Ė the living Lincoln Memorial Ė baby) and a giant cockroach all playing roles in whatís a combination Innerspace/Meet Dave plot that has them inventively cook up a giant ďcorndogĒ and willingly get swallowed into a transformed monstrous Max in order to save not only the city but Max himself? The funniest moment is when Sybilís water breaks to the sound effect of a winning slot machine. Her ďwaterĒ splashing down turns out to be pennies.


sam & max 305          sam & max 305

Going against the norm, the majority of the puzzles are intuitively solved instead of being the usual assortment of ďhuh?Ē conundrums. There is even a monster-stomping mode where gamers take control of Max as a monster and take a skyscraper-tall stroll through Manhattan. Unfortunately, thatís not as fun as it sounds, because the controls arenít very smooth and itís easy to get lost while trying to find the locales necessary to solve the puzzle.

Despite not being as good a individual game as some of the previous four, nonetheless The City That Dares Not Sleep is still a very fun Sam & Max adventure that nicely wraps up all of the seasonís hilarious and goofy storylines in typical Freelance Police style.

- Lee Cieniawa

(December 11, 2010)


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