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August 7, 2007



- Point-and-click adventure just like old times

- Enough silliness and fun to keep a smile on your face

- Play all the episodes in a row rather than having to wait



- Wasn't stitched together; you still need to select a chapter to play

- After all these years, it took a long time for my "Adventure Sense" to kick in (i.e. trying wacky combinations and exercising cartoon logic)



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Sam & Max: Season One

Score: 8.5 / 10


Throughout the months that the Armchair Empireís Lee Cieniawa was reviewing the truly episodic stylings of Sam & Max: Season 1, I couldnít help but twinge with envy every time another review was sent in.  So when the complete season arrived early last month from Dreamcatcher I pretty much sat down and played right through, and spending four or five seconds wiping away tears of joy.


Finally!  It's here!


season 1          season 1


Though itís dotted with a few short mini-games, Sam & Max: Season 1 is a 3D old school, point-and-click adventure game riddled with humor, bizarre banter between Sam (the dog) and Max (the mentally unstable rabbit), and crazy set and character designs.


Itís not downloaded, but Season One is still broken up into 6 episodes Ė you finish one then you need to select the next episode; they havenít been mashed together to form a lengthy whole.  Strangely, this doesnít affect the game at all.  Lee often




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commented that it was always a bit of a drag having to wait for the next episode Ė thatís not the case here. (Half-Life 2 eat your heart out!)  This time, you donít have to wait a month for the next batch of laughs!


If you missed Lee's reviews, the general setup is that a former child star is distributing a hypnotic self-help


video and it falls to Sam & Max to sort out the mess.  Before its conclusion, the duo will run afoul of the Mob, have a political showdown with Abe Lincoln, and battle the Internet herself!  Not every joke will illicit a chuckle, but the entire package provides some very welcome laughs and its so zany that it's hard not to like.


season 1          season 1


If you already downloaded the Season over GameTap thereís not a whole lot of incentive to purchase the retail, unless you want to view the extra material on the second disc, which includes a Behind the Scenes featurette that explains the real origins of Sam & Max direct from the mouth of Steve Purcell (creator of the duo), music tracks, wallpapers, and trailers for each episode, among a few other gems.  For the Sam & Max completionist, itís probably worth shelling out the bucks.


I have no hesitation recommending anyone and everyone pick up the retail version of Sam & Max: Season 1.  Itís accessible, funny and full of personality Ė my kind of adventure game.


- Omni

(August 23, 2007)


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