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August 2008



- Plenty of extras, including wallpapers and funny outtakes, that the hard-core Sam & Max fans will completely enjoy (if the full-length adventure weren't enough)





‑ Christmas video disappointingly is only a machinima walk-through of the Ice Station Santa episode




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Sam & Max Season Two

Score: 9.0 / 10


sam & max 205          chariots of the dogs


It began at the North Pole and ended in Hell. Yes, the recently completed second season of the episodic Sam & Max series sent the goofy gumshoes on five insane time-traveling, afterworld-visiting, globetrotting adventures. With the season now completed, all five games are available in one collection with the release of Sam & Max Season Two.


Although the gameplay is very comparable in quality to Season One, the second season features a much more complex storyline that conveniently tied itself




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together at the conclusion of the finale episode. The writing is excellent once more, and just as hilarious. With over 500,000 episodes sold through the first two seasons, Sam & Max fans have thoroughly enjoyed the duo’s adventures.


For those that have played all five episodes of Season Two, there’s nothing new gameplay-wise. For those that haven’t played through


the entirety of the season, however, this collection is the perfect opportunity to elicit the point & click pleasure provided by Sam & Max gaming, which should end up totalling around 15-20 hours of rib-tickling, riotous adventuring by the crazy combo.


In addition to the season’s five complete episodes, Sam & Max Season Two has more than a few bonuses for fans. There’s over four hours of audio commentary, a concept art gallery, a new outtake reel (that has some truly laugh-out-loud funny moments), trailers, wallpapers, MP3 soundtrack sampler and designer notes. All these bonus features expand the overall enjoyment of the second season.


moai better blues          ice station santa


Only one bonus was a slight disappointment: the 20-minute holiday special, “Sam & Max Nearly Save Christmas,” which turns out to be nothing more than a machinima walk-though of the first episode, Ice Station Santa.


Sam & Max Season Two is the perfect Sam & Max compilation that provides a fantastic PC gaming experience to those that haven’t gone on a Sam & Max adventure while giving a plethora of goodies for those that already have played each and every episode of the just-completed season.


- Lee Cieniawa


(August 7, 2008)


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