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T (Teen)



Q4 2004



- Some GTA elements

- Explosive gameplay

- Good character models

- Beautiful environments

- Overall, a good story

- Transformations are cool

- There are space ships to ride in



- Does get repetitive

- Some missions seem longer than they should

- Even though the story is good, it couldíve been better

- Traveling can be a little boring



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American McGee Presents: Scrapland

Score: 8.3 / 10

Set inside a debris field thousands of miles wide is the tiny asteroid called Scrapland. Basically, a race that is now long gone screwed up what was once paradise. Now machines that come in all shapes and sizes work together to rebuild the Scrapland into an awe-inspiring metropolis. Even though these robots arenít humans, they do act like us in some ways. They built policemen, priests, bankers, civil servants, you name it. You remember something called death? Thatís a thing in the past in Scrapland with ďThe Great DatabaseĒ. However, you the player are in control of a robot named D-Tritus who is an outsider to Scrapland and lands a job investigating bizarre murders.


scrapland review           scrapland review


Throughout the game you will have to go through a variety of missions and quests. This is where the Grand Theft Auto elements come into play. You have a certain amount of freedom and you can go as far as stealing and killing if it becomes necessary, or if you just feel like being mean. What also makes this like Grand Theft Auto is the use of space ships. The ships themselves are fast and have good handling. Theyíre responsive and get you to where you need to go, just like the vehicles in Grand Theft Auto. The similarities donít end there, oh no, Scrapland also has cops hunting you down. The kind who shoot first and asks questions later.  If cops are the situation, D-Tritus can transform into other robots. This can come in handy, especially when being chased by the cops or getting into off-limit areas. If youíre slick enough while being chased, you can hide and quickly transform into another robot (via access nodes to the Great Database) without the cops paying any attention to you at all. This more than comes in handy. Unfortunately using a 




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disguise doesnít always work. There will be some enemies who can see past your transformation and then you will be forced to go on the run again. Even though this game was somewhat inspired by Grand Theft Auto (vaguely), itís still no GTA though I must admit I enjoyed this game a lot.


The back of the gameís box says you can engage in ďExplosive Combat,Ē which is by all means true, but I feel that itís sometimes a little too hard. Like mentioned above, there are cops in 


this game and avoiding them can really be a bitch. Even though the ship controls are really good and responsive, it will take a while to get a real good feel for ship combat. While carrying out quests and missions you will get shot down a lot. (I can guarantee it.) Even though ship battles can be a lot of fun, they do get very repetitive. If it doesnít take much for you as a player to get bored of the same old thing, then I would highly suggest thinking twice about this game. If you have higher tolerance and patience, Scrapland will most likely be an enjoyable experience.


Enlight has put extra effort into Scrapland by adding some multiplayer modes like: death match, team death match and flag hunt (capture the flag). These games are played through using the ships and Iím actually quite impressed. I didnít have high hopes for multiplayer but it turned out quite well. The problem is, itís very hard to find someone online to play with. Score!


scrapland review          scrapland review


Graphically the game looks pretty nice. The atmosphere really draws you into the game and this is what actually makes everything so fun. This really makes you feel like your living in a world with robots and space ships etc. Some robot designs do kind of lack inspiration if you know what I mean. The main character D-Tritus, for example, doesnít look intimidating at all. I know this game does have a sense of humor in it, but it still wouldíve been better if Enlight wouldíve gone for more of a ďbadassĒ approach.


The soundtrack is great, the sound effects are awesome and the voice acting is superb. This was actually really shocking to me. I honestly expected this game to have really cheesy voice-overs that would try to imitate Transformers. No complaint about the audio, itís top notch.


So, is Scrapland worth the bolts? Itís no GTA but itís a nice change. If youíre really itching for a good sci-fi game with a good sense of humor, then look no further.


- JíTonello

(January 10, 2005)


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