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April 3, 2007



- Perfect item pack add-on if you’re looking to throw the biggest, most elaborate Sims wedding ever



- Planning a spectacular Sims celebration takes just as much time and hard work as it does in real life



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The Sims 2 Celebration! Stuff

Score: 8.0 / 10


It’s time for your Sims to take the advice of Kool and the Gang and celebrate good times with the newest item pack for the Sims 2, Celebration! Stuff. Those Sims 2 gamers who like to party hearty will be able to create the perfect celebration, with items needed for everyday parties such as barbecues and birthdays. But the bulk of The Sims 2 Celebration! Stuff collection is designed with the Sims wedding planner in mind.


sims 2 celebration          sims 2 celebration


For the original Sims games, these types of items were almost always only available either directly from the developer or through the mod community of 




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clever item makers. The Sims 2 came item packs are simply item collections with a particular theme instead of a full-fledged expansion pack. It has turned out to be a brilliant move by Electronic Arts, because the consummate Sims gamer that has to have every single item available for their gaming pleasure has made this “stuff” very popular.



Celebration! Stuff’s biggest draw is for its wedding gear. Every possible need or want for a big Sims wedding is met here, from fancy dresses such as the Blushing Bride and Eternal Bliss Dress to the Dapper Dan tux for the groom. The non-marrying gals get gowns, too, for flower girls and of course the “never a bride, always a” bridesmaids. There are even new hairdos for the bride-to-be.


Furniture for the reception and mood lighting choices are also new, and these items are not so “wedding identifiable” that they can’t be used for any other kind of party you may throw for your Sims, including big outdoor barbecues or festive birthdays complete with cake and balloons. But it’s readily apparent that Celebration! Stuff is really meant for the walking-down-the-isle Sims couple.


Wedding bashers will be able to toss the spiffiest matrimonial shindig around with the plethora of wedding items in Celebration! Stuff. From tuxes and dresses to flowers and food, you’ll be able to set up the perfect Sims “I do” day. Although there’s not too many items that aren’t wedding related, a hearty Sims partier will have more than enough useful new items at their disposal to host a memorable neighborhood get-together with nice ambiance enhanced by the delectable Sims grub right off the new grill. Gamers looking to enjoy a new level of Sims revelry should definitely send out an invite to Celebration! Stuff.


- Lee Cieniawa


(June 21, 2007)


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