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October 26, 2010



- Relieves the everyday humdrum that a Sims life can become with plenty of fun and lat-night partying opportunities



- Sims fame comes with a price: celebrity Sims will be “stalked” by paparazzi, and getting caught in a “compromising situation” by one will cause the celebrity Sim to drop in their fame level (although in real life, sometimes celebrity “compromising situations” increase fame because of it)



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Sims 3: Late Night

Score: 9.0 / 10


sims 3 late night          sims 3 late night


For most of their existence, Sims lead pretty mundane lives. Oh, sure, the occasional alien baby or ghost encounter livens things up quite a bit in a Sims household. Although there are plenty of fun things to do around an average Sims household, a lot of the Sims routine is going to work and then coming home to eat, play a little, get cleaned up and go to sleep, just to do basically the same thing over the next day. But there’s plenty of Sims that desire to go out on the town after the sun goes down and have themselves a late-night adventure, and that’s exactly what they can do with the newest Sims 3 expansion pack, Late Night.

Designed more as a night out on the town with friends than a dating excursion, Late Night provides Sims 3 gamers with plenty of Late Night excitement. And that




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includes what many in real life would love to experience: being a VIP that can move directly to the front of the line and has all-access to the hottest nightlife spots – lounges and the deepest of dive bars to dance clubs –along with all the adoration that comes with celebrity status. It’s a chance for gamers to get their Sims out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary, at least until the sun comes up


(or in the case of Sims that become Late Night vampires, right before the sun comes up).

As a regular Late Night excursionist, gamers’ Sims can aspire to new careers, from a “why?” celebrity (as in Paris Hilton – why was she a celebrity everybody was interested in?) to rock star. With celebrity comes status perks, though – like penthouse living and riding in the hottest of cars.

New Lifetime Rewards are here for the earning, including those for being an up-and-coming “rock god” or being one of the “rock god” groupie worshippers, or simply being a frequenter of the “A-List Sims” celebrity parties.


sims 3 late night          sims 3 late night

Also added are a few new Sims interactions, with one of the funniest being the ability to steal the clothing of skinny-dipping Sims. Also new are plenty of Late Night essentials, especially to be able to sit and talk while drinking to make those important networking connections to the Sims stars.

With its emphasis on the merriment of nightlife, Late Night is the most electrifying jolt to Sims 3 everyday sameness that can be found. Although with all the addictive after-dark frolicking and frivolity provided by Late Night, gamers just might not be able force themselves to get their Sims home before dawn, which could cause some extremely sleepy Sims to be wandering around during the daytime activities.

- Lee Cieniawa

(February 10, 2011)


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