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Q4 2002



- If you don't already have The Sims, this is the perfect introduction
- New items included
- Sims Creator



- If you already have the Sims, is Sims Creator worth $40US to you?



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The Sims Deluxe Edition

Score: 9.5 / 10

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If youíre a veteran PC gamer, you already know all about The Sims, created by legendary game creator Will Wright. Despite being nothing more than a god-game simulation of everyday life, its mass appeal to both male and female gamers has made The Sims the all-time best-selling PC title ever. Here at the Armchair Empire, weíve reviewed the original Sims, and the Hot Date, Vacation, and Unleashed expansion packs, so if you want to know more about the Sims gaming 




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phenomenon, check them out now. For those of you who havenít played the Sims yet Maxis has re-released The Sims in a new package now over two years since it first came onto the PC gaming scene.


The Sims Deluxe Edition includes the original Sims, the first expansion pack Living Large, new exclusive objects and clothing choices, and the new Sims Creator, which allows you to custom-create a Sim, even allowing you to 


scan your actual photograph and apply it to a Sim, so that you can throw yourself (and other family and friends for that matter) into the game. You can paint your Sim, add a logo, change clothing, or change the Simís head with the Sims Creator. It also allows you to modify any skins you may already have downloaded.


Maybe you havenít gotten hooked on the Sims yet.  The Sims Deluxe Edition is a perfect introduction to the game. Itís a great value to get not only the original title, but also the first expansion pack and the new Sims Creator for the listed price. If you already own the game (and so many of you do) then itís really up to you to decide if the new items, clothing and Sims Creator are worth plunking down more money for. But if you absolutely must have every possible piece of Sims gaming software out there then by all means run out to get it. Just remember to speak the native language, not simlish when you ask the local store clerk for it.


- Lee Cieniawa



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