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City Interactive



City Interactive



M (Mature)



June 29, 2010



- Lush environment
- Several “feels right” moments
- Nolan North doing voice-over work



- Too many invisible walls
- Not enough “continues to feel right” moments
- Could have used some additional polish



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Sniper: Ghost Warrior

Score: 6.5 / 10


sniper ghost warrior          sniper ghost warrior


When a game has a voice actor in it that reminds me of a game I couldn’t get enough of, and this is a standout feature of the game, I have to wonder what went wrong. Sniper: Ghost Warrior is such a game. It’s not that it’s bad, it just doesn’t do anything exceptional or beyond what you’d expect which then leads you to




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the conclusion that it is average.

The entire concept of this game is that the one element that is only a portion of other games – the sniper mode – is the entire focus. It would be like having a platform game and just focused on jumping. Nothing else but the jumping. Now I find I’m wondering what that would actually be like.


The problem with focusing on one element


of a game is that you need to do that element extremely well in order to be successful. While this game does do this well – the camera angles and feeling you get while sniping is very good, the problem is that the level design that surrounds these moments tends to take away from the overall experience.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior introduces you to some great lush environments that are rendered with the Chrome engine. The graphics are really good and if the game was just a bit different it could have been a sure-fire (pardon the pun) home run.

The multi-player here, often the staple of the first person shooter, feels like an add-on here so if you’re looking for that experience there are better choices out there. The developers instead chose to focus on that sniping mode which, if that's your cup of tea, then you will really enjoy this game.

I want to like this game more. It looks good and it feels good at points but I’m afraid its shortcomings are going to make it a forgotten title. Perhaps City Interactive will go back to the drawing board and tweak a sequel to get a full-on head shot.


- Syd Bolton

(November 17, 2010)

Syd Bolton is Canada’s top videogame collector who surrounds himself in thousands of classic video games at the Personal Computer Museum in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.


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