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E +10 (Everyone)



November 17, 2008



- Easily the most fun episode yet, with a great spy-spoof story

- The spy-spoof story creates some of the most inventive puzzles yet



‑ So much fun playing the “movie” that the short gameplay length is a minor disappointment

‑ Unfortunately contains the same level of sometimes-too-cryptic puzzles that require a heavy dose of hinting to solve



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Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 4: Dangeresque

Score: 9.0 / 10


strong bad episode 4          strong bad episode 4


It’s “lights, action, camera” for Strong Bad in the fourth episode of Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People, Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective, where Strong Bad puts himself in front of – and behind – the camera as he shoots a spy movie featuring the not-quite-James-Bond-suave-and-sophisticated Dangeresque (played by – you guessed it – Strong Bad himself). With everybody from the Homestar Runner cast taking on a role, and the game playing out as a movie spy mystery, Dangeresque 3 actually is the most enjoyable episode yet, with a fresh and funny spy-spoof as the hilarious story of the game that’s really a movie (or is that a movie that’s really a game?).


By far the best attribute of Dangeresque 3 is the fantastic story that spoofs both the spy movie and the spy-spoof movie at the same time. Plenty of taking shots at James Bondian movies are topped only by the jokes and humor that somehow




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seem to pay homage to the ultimate spy-spoof movies, the Austin Powers flicks.


Everybody has a role to play in the “movie” – and calling this low-production-value enterprise a movie is being generous. But that’s just another great aspect of the game’s humor: focusing on the obviousness of the low budget shortcuts and overall low quality that has gone into crafting


the “masterpiece” of the director.

Laughs come in many forms throughout Dangeresque 3, not the least being the James Bond/Austin Power-inspired movie names of many of the game’s characters: Marzipan is Cutesy Buttons, Pom-Pom is Professor Experimento, Strong Mad is Killingyouguy, Homestar Runner is Dangeresque 2 (otherwise known as Uzi Bazooka), Bubs is Baron Darin Dimonocle and Strong Sad as the informant and his bizarrely named brothers at various world-tripping locales.


There’s even crazy creatures and even crazier exotic locales: a sharkasaurusbot stands in Dangeresque’s path in an early mission and expect visits to Brainblow City and Strongborneo along with real-world destinations Venice, Paris, Tokyo, Ireland and Cairo.


What seems to make this the most enjoyable episode yet is the refreshing of the entire series by taking what has been familiar through the first three episodes and giving it an entirely new spin. The characters are unlike they’ve ever been seen before and so are the environments that the missions and their accompanying puzzles take place in. They’re nothing more than disguises and cheap props (really, really cheap) that spruce up this episode’s characters and locations, but it’s enough for anybody that’s played through the entire foursome so far to avoid a tiresome repeating of the already familiar.


strong bad episode 4          strong bad episode 4


Spy-spoof missions are a novel twist on the tried and true point & click adventuring, providing tons of laughs along the mission’s path to the finale (and end of both the “movie” and the game). Although the previous three games have been nearly as hilarious as the jokes came from Strong Bad’s sarcastic sense of smart-ass humor, this episode gets more chuckles by humorously making fun of the spy and spy-spoof movie instead of the jokes only coming at the expense of the usual suspects amongst the cast of Homestar Runner characters.


Unfortunately, the puzzles – it what has become the norm for the series of episodes to date – have a somewhat sometime-hard-to-solve, cryptic nature. However, using the heavy hinting system built into the game, at least gamers will be pointed in the generally right direction in order to solve the puzzle.


Four turns out to be the funniest episode yet, with a great spy-spoof story serving as the gameplay background. Following the famous “looks like it’s time to jump!” catchphrase of the movie’s hero, Dangeresque, anybody that hasn’t given the episodic adventures of Strong Bad and his Homestar Runner friends and foes a chance yet are recommended to make the leap with Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective.


‑ Lee Cieniawa


(December 15, 2008)


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