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Telltale Games



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December 15, 2008



‑Another great story that old-school gamers who actually were around when 8-bit graphics were considered amazing will really enjoy

‑Once more changes the setting and adds new nuances to the tried and true point & click gameplay



‑The episodic series is now over (hopefully just for now and not for good) after only five games



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Strong Badís Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 5: 8-Bit Is Enough

Score: 9.0/10


strong-bad-episode-5-1.jpg (65467 bytes)          strong-bad-episode-5-2.jpg (29658 bytes)


There had to be a reason that there was a Trogdor arcade cabinet in Strong Badís basement for all of the previous four episodes of the episodic adventure series, Strong Badís Cool Game for Attractive People. What was the point of putting a seemingly unplayable arcade cabinet into the point & click adventure game when nearly everything in the game was interactive to some extent?


Well, gamers get the answer to that in the series finale, 8-Bit Is Enough, which features the Trogdor arcade cabinet gets a starring role Ė or more specifically, the Popeye-armed, fire-breathing dragon Trogdor thatís the star of the arcade game does. Itís up to Strong Bad to bring some old-school Ė literally Ė gameplay tactics to save the day and permanently dampen the flames of Trogdor fury in the suddenly burning Homestar Runner world that Strong Bad and his friends (and foes) live in.





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Escaping out of Strong Badís basement arcade cabinet in a freak accident, Trogdor is now laying ruin to everything with his blazing breath. Not only is the old-school Trogdor unleashed, but there are other Fun Machine-inspired games that have suddenly become locales that Strong Bad must first infiltrate and then use his old-school, 8-bit gaming skills to assist his effort to vanquish


Trogdor. Plenty of new 8-bit inspired characters from the Fun Machine games are introduced in co-starring roles, including the ďSpirits of í76Ē ghosts, Stinkoman, Rather Dashing and the gelatinously creepy Gel-arshie.


Featuring a decidedly overt homage to the golden age of 8-bit gaming (that overlapped the point & click genre heyday that has inspired the entire episodic offerings of Telltale Games), 8-Bit Is Enough is a thoroughly fun romp through the world of Homestar Runner that old-school gamers will love and the younger gamers will appreciate for their nostalgic edge. Once again, thereís enough variation in the gameplay from any previous episodes to refresh the standard point & clicking that gamers must undertake.


As has been consistent throughout the five episodes, the puzzles are sometimes too cryptic for their own good, although 8-Bit Is Enough does thankfully have more ďlogicalĒ puzzle solutions than most of the preceding episodes (the final Quake-esque battle is a classic). And any problems that do arise with puzzles can be alleviated with a very helpful hint system that gamers can activate (to varying levels of helpfulness) if they find the going too difficult.


With diverse stories and settings, great animations and overall visuals, and strong point & click gameplay along with hilariously smart-ass ribaldry thatís becoming the developerís trademark, 8-Bit Is Enough is a satisfying series conclusion. Strong Badís Cool Game for Attractive Peopleís first season is nothing less than a resounding success that surpasses the excellence of the first Telltale Games episodic foray, Sam & Max. Just like the high-quality Sam & Max, Strong Badís Cool Game for Attractive People deserves a second ďseasonĒ of episodes. That may not come soon enough for fans of the series, however, with Telltale Games next focusing its episodic efforts on Wallace & Gromitís Grand Adventures.


- Lee Cieniawa


January 25, 2009

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