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Telltale Games



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December 8, 2009



‑ Nicely concludes the first series in the most-welcomed return of a long-classic point & click franchise

‑ Puzzles not as confusing as previous game, although the “battle royale” finale timing-based puzzle is one of the hardest of the entire series



‑ Despite a solid and humorous storyline, leaves too many questions unanswered (until the inevitable sequel arrives)



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Tales of Monkey Island: The Rise of the Pirate God

Score: 8.5 / 10


rise of the pirate god          rise of the pirate god


Pirate hero Guybrush Threepwood ‑ star of the Tales of Monkey Island series – has discovered in Rise of the Pirate God, the conclusion of the five-episode return of a classic point & click adventure franchise, that death most definitely does not become him. Not with a diabolical, voodoo-cursed archenemy to seek out revenge against who not only happened to shanghai his wife but also dealt a fatal blow that




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sent him to his current predicament as a resident of the between-life-and-death purgatory known as the Crossroads.


In the series finale, the storyline rebounds nicely in both quality and its usual humorous roots that somewhat dipped below the surface in the previous episode. In Rise of the Pirate God, Guybrush needs to find a way to


escape the Crossroads to avenge his “death” at the evil hands of longtime nemesis LeChuck while at the same time rescuing his seemingly turncoat wife, Elaine, from becoming LeChuck’s voodoo-possessed bride.


With the assistance of both Elaine (turns out she is only deceiving LeChuck to help Guybrush), and his love/hate-rival/secret admirer Morgan LeFay (pirate bounty hunter) who also met her untimely end and is now a Crossroads “neighbor” of Guybrush, along with a few other helping hands from recurring characters, the entire episode culminates, after a lot of visiting and revisiting the many areas of the new game environment, the Crossroads (along with return trips to many of the previously seen gaming environments from all of the preceding four episodes), in one last showdown (or so it seems) with LeChuck.


Puzzles throughout are once again a combination of ones that are not too difficult to solve with some logic applied with others that are completely confusing head-scratchers, and yet again another hard, relying-on-perfect-timing ender ‑ where the ghostly/living corpse Guybrush gets the “un”-living stuffing beat out of him by LeChuck in the tag-team match of Guybrush-Elaine-Morgan versus LeChuck and his skeleton minions. These puzzles thankfully improve on the last episode’s heavily unbalanced array of mostly bewildering conundrums. And after a not-so-funny fourth episode, the fifth raises its rib-ticklers to previous levels of hilarity.


With an inevitable “oh yeah, there’s going to be a sequel” ending, there’s too many questions left unanswered – Is LeChuck finally gone forever? Will Morgan ever live again? Do pirates prefer light or dark rum? – to be a totally satisfying finale. But with another new gaming environment (the Crossroads) to explore, plenty of characters from the previous episodes making cameos combined with a good, humorous storyline, Rise of the Pirate God is a fitting conclusion to the modern resurrection of a classic point & click gaming franchise.


‑ Lee Cieniawa


(February 5, 2010)


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