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Epic Games



M (Mature)



Q4 1999



- Excellent map design

- Top notch graphics

- Great weapons

- Weapons have a secondary firing mode

- Tons of play modes

- Moves fast



- Average music



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Unreal Tournament

Score: 9.5 / 10


With the Quake series dominating the world of first person shooters there has been very little in the way of stiff competition for top spot in the genre. But along comes Unreal Tournament, providing excellent graphics, great weapons, a ton of play modes and modifiers, and some of the best maps to ever grace the FPS world. Unreal Tournament is a classic for the ages, giving players some of the best fragging fun ever.




Epic has chosen to toss any ideas for including a traditional single-player story mode straight out the window, instead opting to make a rock solid multi-player game. Single player is still there for those so inclined, but it serves as a trainer to ready them for duking it out on-line. Keeping things interesting, the bots in single-player mode are very good, providing a great deal of challenge for players.


Regardless of whether playing alone or against the fragging masses, Unreal Tournament has plenty of modes to choose from. There’s the requisite Deathmatches, as well as a variety of team modes including: Capture the Flag, Domination, where teams try to maintain control of points on the map while trying 




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to hit the frag limit, Assault, where teams must meet mission objective in order to win, and so on. The sheer diversity of play modes keeps the game fresh for a very long time.


While playing these different modes there are plenty of weapons at players’ disposal, all with primary and secondary fire (except for the pneumatic hammer, but it still serves two functions: attack and high jumping). The rocket 


launcher can fire single shots and lock onto targets, or launch volleys to destroy multiple targets. The Plasma Gun can shoot energy balls, or a stream of energy. There’s also the Redeemer that is like a portable nuclear missile launcher, where its secondary fire lets players direct the missile through an onboard camera. There’s a great array of weapons to choose from.

The blasting and map negotiating is all done in style as the visuals are excellent. The skins and models are of a very high caliber, and there is plenty of customizing available to players as the make their alter ego. The levels are all rendered fabulously, as it is very easy to see where ones’ going and the imagery is varied and impressive. The map design itself is amazing, as the routes and general setup of the arenas give players so many possibilities.

Unreal Tournament is one of those games that raises the bar considerably for its genre. With all of the play modes, excellent multi-player setup, great graphics, and absolutely amazing level design, this game stands high as a shining example of what a first person shooter should be.

- Mr. Nash


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