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Telltale Games



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July 29, 2009



- Another episode that plays out as a movie-as-a-game that captures all the British humor and charm of the source material
- Two puzzles are among the best that have appeared in a Telltale Games point & click adventure titles



- Following the much more enjoyable Muzzled!, The Bogey Man turns out to be not a completely satisfying series finale
- The Prickly Thicket country club adds yet another new gaming environment (or two, if you count the sewer) for gamers to experience



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Wallace & Gromit Grand Adventures: The Bogey Man

Score: 8.5 / 10


Wallace has always been the happy bachelor, perfectly content in his single-guy lifestyle as an eccentric inventor with his faithful canine companion, Gromit. Nothing, including the namesake of the point & click adventure PC game first-season finale of the Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventures – The Bogey Man ‑ is much more frightening to a unattached man than a matrimonial misunderstanding.


bogey man          bogey man


That’s exactly the prickly predicament that Wallace finds himself in with the apparently husband-hungry Felicity, who mistakes Wallace’s inadvertent “proposal” as a marriage offer, and it’s up to Gromit to help his buddy avoid “I do.”


And with Gromit’s eavesdropping assistance, Wallace finds the perfect escape plan – he will join the Prickly Thicket country club (which Felicity’s auntie despises so




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much that she won’t let her niece marry anybody associated with it). Prickly Thicket’s members are devoted to the sport of golf even though they don’t quite know where its golf course is located, due to a lost deed that can’t be found (finding that misplaced deed is one of the game’s main objectives for Wallace and Gromit, in order to save his West Wallaby domicile from




Gamers will once again be presented with a high-quality cinema gaming experience, with the typical Telltale Games point & click adventuring gameplay. But although many of the puzzles are cryptic to solve, a recurring criticism throughout all Telltale Games episodic point & clickers, there is a newer puzzle structure implemented, which really improves the puzzle gameplay immensely. The two main new puzzles are easier to complete because of the less-cloudy clues and solutions of how to decipher them, along with more action-oriented solving instead of the old combine-two-random-objects-to-figure-it-out methodology.


bogey man          bogey man


The indoor golf challenge between Wallace and his rival for both the club presidency and Felicity’s affections, the burly and brash Duncan McBiscuit, is one of the better puzzles in any Telltale Games title, and definitely the best of the Wallace & Gromit first episodic season. While the final tic-tac-toe sand trap puzzle isn’t as fun, it is equally challenging without being a frustrating endeavor.


With much better puzzles, there’s a higher satisfaction quotient for gamers that complete The Bogey Man and “rescue” good old bachelor-for-life Wallace from his misunderstood matrimonial mess. In the end, the puzzles are much improved (although The Bogey Man story is the least well-written – despite being very good ‑ of the four Wallace & Gromit episodes), leading to better enjoyment of the overall gameplay.


It isn’t as much fun to play as Muzzled!, but The Bogey Man’s surprising puzzle-structure improvement and the usual cinema-quality story and cut-scenes do provide a good-but not-quite-satisfying ending to the first season of Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures.


- Lee Cieniawa


(August 28, 2009)


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