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November 1, 2005



- Great "right there" feeling
- Great sound design
- In-game cutscenes are terrific



- Cinematic to a fault
- It's all over pretty quick



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Call of Duty 2: Big Red One

Score: 7.0 / 10


call of duty 2 big red one         call of duty big red one


Call of Duty 2: Big Red One is a follow-up to the well-received original, which follows the exploits of a small group of American guys who are part of Big Red One, an elite fighting unit formed during World War II. The game manages to convey an epic feeling while essentially funneling the player from place to place – you can’t even open doors on your own – and creating a first-person cinematic experience that is at times breathtaking and at other times downright aggravating. Big Red One is an uneven experience overall but it holds enough surprises and instance encounters to keep your interest.

No doubt about it, Big Red One is a cinematic experience and as such the game will kill you if you attempt to move outside the confines of the predetermined path – often putting a minefield right your way. When you do go with flow, do what the




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game suggests (your squadmates are always yelling out information) the feeling of taking part in an episode of Band of Brothers or the best action sequences of Saving Private Ryan or The Dirty Dozen is extremely strong.

Helping convey this sense of being there is great sound design. If you’ve for a decent sound arrangement, turn up the volume because it absolutely thump, particularly when you’re


manning an anti-aircraft gun. Your squadmates also sound very believable (and you’ll know why if you watch the extras included with the collectors edition).


call of duty big red one        call of duty big red one

Big Red One mixes up the action quite often. You’ll spend most of your time hoofing it but there are also tank battles, “rail” sequences, and stationary fights, like the aforementioned anti-aircraft gun. You’ll spend time scrambling for cover, sneaking around, and patiently scanning for enemy snipers. And more than a few mission objectives (easily checked during the course of the game) will need to be played again and again until you find the right way to go or figure out the correct action to perform to kick-start the next scripted action sequence. But overall, it’s a fun mix of missions and there's the obligatory multiplayer over Xbox Live and system link with enough action to keep most gamers satisfied.

Control wise Big Red One features comfortable control similar to just about every other first-person shooter available. This is a good thing because you don’t have to cope with a learning curve.

At the end of the day, Call of Duty 2: Big Red One features many thrills but you’ll have to weigh that against the very directed action which takes a bit of the fun out of it.

- Omni
(November 27, 2005)


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