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CRAVE Future Tactics: The Uprising ( Xbox )






Turn-based Strategy



Crave Entertainment



Zed Two



T (Teen)



Q2 2004



- Unique game play style
- Destructible environments
- Aiming system is cool
- Objectives are easily explained



- A lot of time left waiting for enemies to take their turns
- Some pretty weak AI
- Movement restrictions are sometimes annoying
- Storyline is nothing special
- Game grows old rather quickly



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Future Tactics: The Uprising

Score: 6.0 / 10


future tactics review         future tactics


Future Tactics: The Uprising (FTTU) is a pretty unique game -- it takes the fundamentals of an action adventure game and combines it with the elements of turn based strategy game. Not only that, but there are a number of RPG style character enhancements available too.

FTTU storyline is pretty basic, as the game takes place in a distant galaxy where a war is being waged between humans and a group of monsters bent on terrorizing the local population. FTTU is centered around a family, as well as a group of survivors who are courageously risking their lives to fight the monsters.

Like I mentioned before, the game is based around being a turned based adventure. Throughout the game, you’ll not only see the turns your character takes,




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but your enemies as well. There are a number of moves that you can use during your turn. You can shoot, move, heal your character, establish protective shield over your character or just basically rest. You’re usually limited to two or three turns per character, so you’ll usually be able to switch between shooting and movement pretty easily.

FTTU is played from a third person


perspective, but the game’s aiming system is used in first person. When you choose shoot as your characters action, your screen will go into a first person mode and you’ll be required to line up two crosshairs on your given target. This makes aiming rather tricky, but plenty of fun. The shooting in the game is sometimes mixed with the movement option. Depending on the character you’re controlling, you can use your weapon to transport yourself from one end of the map to the other.

Moving your character from point A to point B is pretty easy. It’s important that you position you character in the correct spot so your character will be in the safest position from enemy fire. The game does restrict your character movement throughout the entire map. Around your selected character you’ll usually see a dotted line which outlines the boundaries of your movement. There are some instances where the boundaries are so ridiculously small, that you simply cannot even move more than two steps. This becomes rather annoying and puts your character in a good position to get injured or killed by the enemy.


future tactics review       future tactics review

If you’re going to enjoy FFTU, than you must have a lot of patience. Since the game is turn-based you’ll constantly be waiting for enemies to make their moves. In some levels you’ll face large sums of enemies and it gets rather boring waiting for each enemy to carry out their move.

The enemies you’ll face aren’t too smart and will often do some pretty stupid things. Throughout the game you’ll come across a kamikaze style enemy with dynamite strapped to them. Obviously they’ll attempt to jostle for a good position to take you out. However, you’ll often see these enemies blow themselves up when nothing is around. Communication between the enemies is probably the only impressive thing about the AI in the game. Alarmed enemies will usually alert their buddies to your presence.

The game also supports multiplayer for two players. You can unlock more options and maps in the multiplayer mode by playing through the story mode. The multiplayer mode is considerably more enjoyable than the solo game, but unfortunately there is no Xbox Live support aside from Live Aware.

FTTU looks much like a cartoon. One of the best parts of the graphic engine is the destructible environments. The destructible environments add a whole new layer of game play as destroying various environmental surroundings can prove rather useful for defeating enemies. You can create craters to take cover in or destroy objects such as rock which in turn can kill large numbers of enemies.
Future Tactics: The Uprising blends a lot of great ideas together on paper, but fails to impress game play wise. If you’re looking for a unique and different kind of game, than your better off looking elsewhere.

- Siddharth Masand
(July 26, 2004)


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