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Hip Interactive



Blue 52



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April 22, 2005



- Decent voice acting
- Some cool moves
- Lock picking & computer hacking are done well



- Lacks originality
- Lack luster visuals
- Boring enemies and stupid enemies
- Competition is too strong



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Score: 4.0 / 10


stolen review          stolen review


The Splinter Cell series has set the bar for stealth action adventure game available on the Xbox. Stolen is a new game from Hip Interactive, which is truly inspired by Splinter Cell, but the sad fact is that it plays like a cheap rip off. (Which, I suppose it is at $20US.)

Instead of playing a government agent like in Splinter Cell, you play a female thief named Anya. And rather than saving the world youíre tasked with stealing high-priced items. Thatís probably where the differences end between Stolen and Splinter Cell.

One of the first things youíll probably notice about Stolen is the lack of enemy variation. Most of the guards are overweight and lack simple intelligence. Like




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Splinter Cell, staying stealthy is the key to success, or at least is supposed to be. Whenever youíre spotted by an enemy or camera itís rather easy to hide in one spot and the guards stop looking for you rather quickly. In the shadows you can easily walk by guards and create a lot of noise and the enemies donít react properly at all.

In terms of combat, Stolen stays on the simple side of things Ė


itís basically controlled by one button. You can run up to an enemy and keep doing one button presses. Unfortunately engaging an enemy through hand to hand combat is also useless since it doesnít kill the enemy, instead it knocks them out and they shortly regain consciousness. After the enemies regain consciousness they usually walk away as if nothing happened to them. The hand to hand combat also grows stale rather quickly.


stolen review         stolen review

Your character, Anya, has some cool abilities like lock picking, computer hacking and acrobatic skills. In fact if there is one place where Stolen has the edge over Splinter Cell itís probably the minor gameplay mechanics like lock picking and computer hacking which are done rather well. In terms of being acrobatic, Anya can run up walls and swing off poles.

Stolen doesnít impress visually at all. The color palette is all black and grey, some animations are awkward, and the frame rate also fails to run smoothly. To make matters worse youíll run into a lot of load times.

There really is no reason to bother with Stolen. Stolen lacks the originality that games like Splinter Cell have brought to the genre. Instead, Stolen feels like a cheap knock off. Youíre better off with any of the three Splinter Cell games.

- Siddharth Masand
(June 1, 2005)


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