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Q3 2003



- Excellent visuals
- Solid presentation, but…
- Plethora of game modes
- Multiplayer is a blast
- Create a wrestler



- Where’s the commentating?
- Controls can take some time to learn.
- Audio is mixed bag
- No Live capability
- Some newbies may find difficulty



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WWE Raw 2

Score: 8.2 / 10


wwe raw 2          wwe raw 2


THQ has had great success with its Smackdown games on the Playstation 2. And despite having no real competition on the Xbox, THQ has delivered the goods.

The season mode is sure to please wrestling fans all over. It allows you to play with up to four players. Originally you select a wrestler or a created wrestler and select your manger who can be wrestler as well. You can dictate the different outcomes of each match. For example: During one match you can alter the options to make it




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so certain wrestler’s can come and interfere during the match or you can make it so there is no interference at all. Fiddling around with these options can be vital later on in your season because you can form alliances with other wrestlers depending on what has happened in past matches. The season mode also includes cut scenes, which show minor events unfolding,


but the problem is that there is no audio or speech to accompany the cut scenes.

Almost everyone should enjoy the option of creating your own player -- the create-a-wrestler option is extremely deep and satisfying for those who want to take their wrestler to the top. You can make major changes such as changing your characters moves, to minor tweaks such as your character’s appearance. You can also alter options, such as your character’s entrance, shoes and shirts.

Multiplayer has always been an important feature in THQ’s games. Raw 2 is no different. Some will be disappointed to hear that the game does not support Xbox Live, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun offline. You can battle it out between you and three friends. Like I mentioned earlier, you can also get your friends involved in your season mode and each take shots at the WWE title.

The visuals are plain stunning. Everything from the entrances to the extreme close ups look photo-real at times. The character models are the most detailed in any THQ wrestling game. Every little possible detail has been included to make the game look as authentic as possible -- everything from distinguishing marks on the wrestlers to tattoos is there. In many sports and extreme sports game’s many of the games have poor detail on the fans or background objects. In Raw 2 the fans don’t look astounding, but look better than most games. You’ll see various fans
holding certain signs you’d see if you were watching wrestling on TV.


wwe raw 2          wwe raw 2

There are some minor gripes I do have with the game play.

First of all the controls can take a while to learn, especially because the game relies heavily on combos and executing combos can take time to learn. Newbies will probably have the most difficulty with the controls, unless they are acquainted with other similar titles.

By far the biggest problem with Raw 2 is the audio. The menu music is solid, but everything else is horrendous. All the wrestler’s into music is licensed, but the biggest drawback is the lack of commentating during the wrestling matches. Even during the story mode, the cut scenes lack audio or even text messages.

WWE Fans should definitely give WWE Raw 2 a run, while those who aren’t fans best stick to a rental before making any decision on whether to purchase. Either way, WWE Raw 2 is the best wrestling game on the Xbox.

- Siddharth Masand
(November 9, 2003)


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