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Kohbi Travel Bliss Memory Foam Neck Pillow Review

KohbiTM Travel Bliss Memory Foam Neck Pillow

The Kohbi Travel Bliss Memory Foam Neck Pillow is a standard around-the-neck travel pillow. It’s definitely one of the best travel pillows in its class. Check out the bottom of this review for my one year update with the pillow!

Kohbi Travel Pillow Construction

9/1/2016 update: Check out this new video from the manufacturer giving you an up close look at the pillow, and featuring a quote from yours truly 🙂 :

The first thing I noticed about the Kohbi is its attractive blue cover. Described by the creators as “astral blue,” the travel pillow’s cover is extremely pleasing to the eye.

The cover is made out of quality velour, which is a gorgeous plush, knitted fabric. Once you get your hands on it, you won’t want to stop touching it – the travel pillow’s cover is unbelievably soft and comforting.

I’m also pleased to find that the removable cover is washable! After a test wash in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, it was clear that the cover retained all of it’s wonderful soft and aesthetic qualities.


I next turned to the stitching of the travel pillow, as the manufacturer claims it to be “extra-strong high-density stitching.” While I am no expert on stitching practices, the travel pillow does appear to be very sturdily constructed.

There was no loose or sloppy stitching, and absolutely no give at all even when I pulled at the stitching as hard as I could. In other words, this travel pillow is built to last.

Built into the front of the travel pillow’s cover is a button-clasp which allows the pillow to be easily clipped onto a luggage bag.

It also serves as an under-the-chin clasp that holds the pillow firmly in place when in use.

This is an often overlooked feature that really adds a sense of quality and utility to the travel pillow. It’s great knowing that Kohbi pays such close attention even to these small details!

Kohbi Travel PillowOn to the most important part of the travel pillow: what’s inside.

The Kohbi travel pillow is made with “hi-IQ dynamic-density premium thermal-sensitive memory foam.” What exactly does that mean?

Essentially, this travel pillow utilizes high-quality memory foam that softens in reaction to body heat, which allows it to mold to the shape of your neck and head in as little as a minute or two.

As soon as you sit down and place the Kohbi travel pillow around your neck, it fits you like a glove and will provide you with individualized neck support before you can say “travel pillow.”

I found this claim to be more than true. The best part about this memory foam is that should you decide to readjust and position your head and neck differently, the pillow will re-mold to your new position almost immediately.


No matter how you sleep, the Kohbi travel pillow will react accordingly to provide you with firm support and lasting comfort.

As soon as the pillow is removed from around your neck, it returns to it’s default shape – the memory foam used in this travel pillow is truly remarkable technology.

An added bonus of a memory foam travel pillow is that it can be greatly compressed in order to fit easily and without hassle into your carry-on, which makes walking around with it a breeze. And again, as soon as you take it out of your carry-on, it will return to it’s normal shape and be good to use within minutes.

To me, that’s the greatest indicator of high-quality memory foam. Shoddy, cut rate foam will either refuse to be easily compressed, or will take days to return to its normal shape. Not the case with the Kohbi, thankfully!


When I first bought this travel pillow, the price range is what really jumped out at me.

Check out pricing for the Kohbi Travel Bliss Memory Foam Neck Pillow here on amazon. You get: an incredibly high-quality memory foam travel pillow, a FREE ebook full of travel tips, and – wait for it – a “Lifetime No-Hassle Free Replacement” as well as a 5 year 100% money back guarantee.

If you buy this travel pillow, you are quite literally set for life as far as travel comfort goes.

My Experience

Since buying this pillow, I’ve been on two long flights and numerous long car rides.

I am practically in love with it – it’s everything the manufacturer claims. I’ve woken up refreshed happy at the end of all of my trips, and I haven’t had a single bit of shoulder, neck, or back pain since I started using this pillow (perhaps because it is also “chiropractor-recommended”).

The funny thing is that I’ve actually found myself using this travel pillow more and more at home, even when not traveling. Whether I’m reading on the couch, watching TV, or lounging outside, this travel pillow is always around my neck. The form-factor is absolutely incredible. It really does feel like the pillow was custom-sewn for me, after wearing it for just a minute or so.

One year update (June 2016)

Well, I’ve had the Kohbi travel pillow for just about a year now. I have to say, I’m even more impressed with it than I was when I first wrote this review! The pillow honestly still looks like it’s brand new, after numerous washes, ~20 extensive trips, and a whole lot of abuse on my part.

The velour is still as plush and soft as always, and the memory foam holds its shape just as well as it did to begin with. I haven’t had any issues with the stitching or button clasp, either.

If you want a pillow that will last you for more than a few months, look no further. I fully expect to get another 2+ years out of this pillow before I even think of getting a new one (which I definitely will be doing when the time comes).

Bottom Line: The Kohbi travel pillow is a marvel among travel pillows. It’s incredibly high quality, reasonably priced, and comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. It is, perhaps, the best all-around, around-the-neck travel pillow I’ve ever used.

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