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Intelligent Systems



E +10 (Everyone)



January 22, 2008



- New, gritty art style

- Same deep levels of turn-based strategy that Advance Wars is known for

- Online multiplayer



- Difficult even for experienced players



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Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

Score: 9.0 / 10


advance wars days of ruin          advance wars days of ruin


The fact this review is coming almost four full months after the official release of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin should speak volumes for just how engrossing the game is.  With a new art style, a more serious tone, 4-player online play, and some of the best strategy youíll find anywhere Days of Ruin will consume hours of your life or at least make your commute more bearable.


Earth has been smacked by meteors, which has pretty much reduced everyone to living a Mad Max-style existence and those with the biggest guns and best tactics 




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will crush their opponents and claim resources.


The learning curve for Days of Ruin is a steep one for gamers not already familiar with the series, but even fans might have to take a step back re-learn some things.  Over the course of the early missions, players are acclimatized to the various options and units available to  


them as they crawl across each map, capturing cities and battling opposing armies; and for the most part itís a relative breeze.  About half-way through the campaign, the hammerís dropped and suddenly players are faced with seemingly impossible odds, then it becomes a matter of each turn being a careful process of deciding how to proceed, what to attack, what to protect, whatís units to counter-attack with, and where to run over the course of hours on one map.  Days of Ruin is definitely not the kind of game that will keep twitch gamers interested.


advance wars days of ruin          advance wars days of ruin


There are twenty-six maps in the campaign and there are more than five times that number on the multiplayer side, which also includes an option to share user-created maps making for limitless gaming options.


Advance Wars: Days of Ruin comes with the highest recommendation Ė the only thing preventing wider appeal for the series, is its difficulty level which is high even for experienced players.


- Omni

(May 13, 2008)


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