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August 2007



- On top of everything else it comes with Sudoku

- Good for 20 or 30 minutes stretches each day

- Uses all of the Wii features



- Not really a game



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Brain Age 2

Score: 8.0 / 10


Like the original Brain Age, the question to ask about Brain Age 2 is, “Will it make me smarter?”  It’s a fair enough question since the whole point of the game is to attain a low “brain age.”  So I didn’t feel so much like a game reviewer while playing Brain Age 2 – I felt a bit like a lab rat pressing levers for cheese and hopping no one would vivisect me to find out what made me tick.


brain age 2      brain age 2


The idea behind Brain Age 2 is “training your brain in minutes a day.”  And this part is absolutely true.  After about fifteen minutes my brain felt so winded I almost always needed a brief nap to recuperate.  Remembering numbers, doing math, playing rock-paper-scissors with my voice, or spelling words out of a slowly




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rotating circle of letters, keeping track of little stick men in a race… they aren’t even activities that would classify as mini-games in any other title.  So in that sense, Brain Age 2 is a non-game.


Being a non-game isn’t such a bad thing though.  It can trick non-gamers into playing with a DS.  After that


point it’s a simple matter to swap Brain Age 2, which uses every feature of the DS, with Elite Beat Agents and suddenly you have another “core” gamer.


brain age 2      brain age 2


Back to the matter at hand though, does Brain Age 2 make you smarter?  And does the perceived involvement by Dr. Ryuta Kawashima – that’s his video game likeness that pops up – make for a more active brain?  Obviously, someone needs to produce some kind of research paper to lend some credence to the idea that Brain Age 2 can actually make you smarter.  It’s anecdotal, I know, but since I received Brain Age 2 I have played it nearly every day in my attempts to work my Brain Age to the ideal “20” – it’s been an uphill climb though it’s nice not to see “80” show up on a regular basis.


- Omni

(September 18, 2007)


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