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Santa Cruz Games



E (Everyone)



November 20, 2007



- The graphics are nice

- The multiplayer experience has some fun



- The game can be beaten in a couple of hours

- The game play is boring and repetitive

- Itís just really not all that fun



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Godzilla Unleashed: Double Smash

Score: 4.0 / 10


At first the idea of putting one of the most feared monsters into your pocket sounds like a great deal of fun. After a few minutes playing this game, however, the fun starts to fade fast.


godzilla unleashed double smash          godzilla unleashed double smash


The game play in this game consists of having Godzilla (or another ground creature) move through waves on enemies on the bottom screen, unleashing simple attacks until you decide to change (via the shoulder button) to another playable character that can fly (in my case I chose Mothra). Mothra was once pitted against Godzilla but in this game you work together to defeat your enemies.




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The plot of the story is completely incomprehensible but essentially a crystal meteor has crashed to earth and brought with it Space Godzilla. You need to defeat the army, the enemies and lastly Space Godzilla to beat the game.


The graphics are actually quite nice and the parallax scrolling and snow impressed 


me, but playing the actual game is extremely tired. The idea of wash, rinse and repeat has never been more prevalent than in this title. When you face the crystal ďmini-bossesĒ you have to defeat them by ďusing your combosĒ.  Essentially, this is a timing game where have to press the right button in the right order at the right time. Once you have mastered this, itís quite easy and it takes very little time to defeat the enemy.


godzilla unleashed double smash          godzilla unleashed double smash


The actual bosses provide a tiny bit more challenge but once you figure out a strategy with both your characters, itís pretty easy and all bosses can be defeated in around a minute. Without the strategy, it does prove slightly more challenging but Iím not sure the game will hold your attention long enough to even get there.


The game does redeem itself slightly when it comes to the multiplayer experience. It plays out essentially the same as the single player experience, but with one player in control of the top creature and the other in control of the bottom one.


Godzilla Unleashed: Double Smash feels like something is missing. The game had the potential of being an excellent fighting title but in the end, this monster is feeling rather hollow.


- Syd Bolton

(February 18, 2008)


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