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- It's amazing Guitar Hero can be ported to a handheld and still feel like it's console brothers



- Hand cramp central!



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Guitar Hero: On Tour

Score: 7.0 / 10


guitar hero on tour          guitar hero: on tour


Guitar Hero: On Tour - Guitar Hero: Incredible Hand Cramp, as I like to call it - on the DS does an admirable job of replicating the console Guitar Hero experience.  By way of the included fret attachment, which plugs into the GBA cartridge port, and use of the touchscreen as the strum bar, players familiar with Guitar Hero formula will have no problem jamming to the likes of Smash Mouth, The Doobie Brothers, Rick Springfield, Stray Cats, Maroon 5, Twisted Sister, and Red Hot Chili Peppers,




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who all sound pretty good considering the more limited hardware of the DS compared to the home consoles.

The central premise is the same as its big brother console versions: colored notes scroll from top to bottom and the player has to press the right button (or fret, if you prefer) and "strum" at the right moment.  It works really well, but if


you have large hands be prepared for some serious hurt if you play longer than about 15 minutes.  (It's an even shorter time when you're playing on the higher difficulty settings.) The fret attachment includes an adjustable strap which helps keep the DS steady when you're holding it.  But when it's tight, it's really uncomfortable; when it's a little loose, be prepared to miss notes because you've jiggled the DS.


guitar hero on tour

Playing Guitar Hero: On Tour in public will likely draw attention to yourself.  Thanks to the likes of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, the four button fret attachment will instantly let other people what you're playing and will want to look over your shoulder as you play.  Be warned, Star Power that activates the score multiplyer is activated by "yelling" into the microphone but it's so sensitive that if you're playing in a noisy environment it will likely activate when you don't necessarily want it to.

Developer Vicarious Visions also included some multiplayer options over wifi, both versus and co-op, provided that your buddy also has a copy of the game.

While Guitar Hero: On Tour is a very solid port of the franchise to the DS and the technology to get it working is brilliant - why don't more developers make use of the GBA cartridge port for DS games? - I can really only recommend On Tour to fans of the franchise, with the proviso that they have relatively small hands.

- Omni

(July 25, 2008)


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