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E (Everyone)



September 2008



- Charming good fun

- Easily accessible

- Mini games are nifty



- Some may find the game too easy early on



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Kirby Super Star Ultra

Score: 8.0/10


kirby-super-star-ultra-1.jpg (109435 bytes)          kirby-super-star-ultra-2.jpg (34031 bytes)


There seems to be no lack of remakes hitting the DS every year, and now Nintendo has one of their own as they bring out the original Kirby (originally appearing on the SNES) to the handheld system.  What we have is a very solid update to the classic game with some nice crisp visuals and sound, solid control, and a slew of fun mini-games, and co-op options that add a bunch of extra value to an already entertaining game.


The original game has had some graphical improvements that mostly add polish to its looks, with some CG tossed in to introduce the levels.  One thing that becomes apparent very quickly, though, is just how easy of a platformer Kirby was (and still is).  The bosses follow fairly standard patterns of attack, the jumping around and fighting regular enemies is simple, and the mechanics of absorbing




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enemiesí abilities is easy to grasp.  The game wonít be a challenge for seasoned gamers, but itís still a charming, entertaining experience.  One nice feature of the game is that it allows for coop play.  To do this, Kirby has to capture an enemy and make it help him.  In single player mode, the enemy is controlled by the computer, but a friend can also control it via wifi.



Helping to add to Kirby Super Star Ultra are a number of mini-games that have players performing various random, challenging tasks to whittle away the hours.  They arenít all available from the get go, as they need to be unlocked as players complete parts of the game.  However, they are interesting, and well worth the effort.  There are ones that have players searching for the hidden treasures in the Kirby game, losing Kirbyís sucking ability and being forced to take on the games enemiesí various powers, a foot race against King Dedede to consume as many goodies as possible, as well as a game that borders on a puzzle.  Each add a little more depth the this game beyond the standard platformer, and keep Kirby from getting stale.


kirby-super-star-ultra-3.jpg (80035 bytes)          kirby-super-star-ultra-4.jpg (87364 bytes)


Ultimately what we have here is a charming little remake with enough extras to peak the interest of series fans, while also being quite viable for newcomers as well.  Itís not all that difficult, but itís still plenty of fun.  Even if you blast through the main platforming component, there is still plenty of fun to be had in the mini games.  Itís not quite a top tier DS title, but Kirby Super Star Ultra is still plenty entertaining, and worth a look for fans of platformers who want a little bit extra on top of that sort of action.


Mr. Nash
October 26, 2008

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