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November 30, 2004


- Great action/puzzle solving

- Basic mechanics are easy to grasp

- A challenge



- More challenge than actual fun



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Mr. Driller Drill Spirits

Score: 6.8 / 10


If it makes any sense, Mr. Driller Drill Spirits is more challenge that is it fun.  Itís roughly the same feeling I remember when playing the classic Tetris, where I wanted to keep going to see how long I could last and how many point I could rack up.  If anyone asked if I was having fun Iíd say, ďNo.Ē  Itís also the same way I feel about doing crossword puzzle.  But whatever your definition of fun, Drill Spirits is a challenge.


mr driller drill spirits review mr driller drill spirits review mr driller drill spirits review


Though you can unlock a variety of characters, the basic gameplay premise applies: drill!  You can drill left, right, down and even one block above.  But you have to drill with a constantly changing strategy as unsupported blocks pancake anything below and like-colored blocks vanish.  If like-color blocks connect the ďseamĒ vanishes which can create further pancaking.  If youíre not thinking and planning ahead (and watching both screens) your game can end very quickly.  If all that werenít enough you have to watch your oxygen level.  Picking up extra oxygen canisters to boost your oxygen meter necessitates making some really hard choices as you balance between suffocating and the possibility of being crushed.  Itís a real mix of elements to consider but it still reminds me of Tetris.


There are different modes of play, including Time Attach and Story but the action remains the same.




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Namco actually uses the touchscreen here but itís far more efficient and easier to simply use the directional pad and ďAĒ button to control your on-screen character.  This is especially apparent during multiplayer games.  Have one player use only the touchscreen and the other player the directional pad and itís becomes very apparent how to attain dominance.



The graphics and sound are reasonable for this kind of game and they never confuse the issue.


The upshot of all this is that if you like challenge over fun factor Mr. Driller Drill Spirits will suit your needs.  It doesnít break any new ground but it is a challenge.


- Omni

(April 4, 2005)


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