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June 2007



- As far as Araknoid clones go, this is probably one of the best

- Many different modes of varying difficulty to try

- Great in 30 minute stretches



- Anything beyond 30 minutes should push you into the "bored" spectrum



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Nervous Brickdown

Score: 7.0 / 10


nervous brickdown     nervous brickdown     nervous brickdown


Give or take a few hundred thousand, there are zillions of Tetris clones, the vast majority of which are so forgettable they vanish from existence the moment theyíre turned off.  Another game that has spawned a lot of clones is Araknoid, which puts the player in control of a small paddle at the bottom of a screen, which can only be moved back and forth in an effort to keep a ball in play, bashing out blocks.


Most of the clones Iíve ever come across of Araknoid involve clearing the blocks to reveal scantily clad bikini models.  Thatís not the tact that Nervous Brickdown




- Puzzle Game Reviews

- Games Published by Eidos

takes, but as Araknoid clones go itís a great handheld take on the classic.


Using the stylus to control the paddle and clear two screens rather than just one, Nervous Brickdown throws in a lot of different modes (some complete with Bosses) that are perfectly suited for quick games.  Besides the standards of clearing out blocks, some games allow free


movement of the paddle on the lower screen, even drawing it in one mode, and navigating rudimentary ďlevelsĒ and solving puzzles


In 30-minute stretches itís a fine challenge.  Anything beyond that pushes my Boredom Buttons.  For $30US, itís a fair price for the number of modes you get even if thereís nary a bikini to be found.


- Omni

(August 9, 2007)


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