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October 30, 2007



- Good, quick puzzle game

- Can be very frantic

- Multiplayer



- No autosave function!



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Super Collapse 3

Score: 8.0 / 10


super collapse 3          super collapse 3


I didn't even know there was a game called Super Collapse, never mind that it also had a sequel, but it's obvious that whatever lessons were learned with the first two games were put to good use in this, the 3rd installment of Super Collapse.


There are a number of different modes, most of which need to be "unlocked" by progressing through the Campaign, but the gameplay basics remain the same.  As rows of colored blocks rise from the bottom of the screen, the player is required 




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to tap away furiously at groupings of three or more like-colored blocks to make them disappear and prevent the whole stack from reaching the top of the screen.  There are variations on the theme throughout to keep things interesting.  Sometimes the horizontal lines will scroll left and right; sometimes blocks will fill in from the bottom


and the top; there are "color bombs" that will take out all like-colored blocks; regular bombs that will take out a chunk of blocks no matter the color; and a bottom line that fills in immediately whenever a group of blocks vanishes.  There are also puzzles that restrict you to a time limit or a certain number of taps to clear.  All of it can be taken in bite-sized chunks, which is pretty much a guarantee that Super Collapse 3 will stay in rotation on my commute.


At the expense of collected coins, the Campaign mode also lets you purchase one-use power-ups, like color bombs, to make things a bit easier on the tougher challenges.  They're almost required on the later stages of the Campaign, which take a very quick eye and a sense of organization so multiple groups of blocks can be eliminated in a short period.


One other note about the Campaign: it doesn't autosave your progress!  I found this one out the hard way.  After completing a couple dozen levels I turned off the game.  When I turned it back on all that progress had been lost.


For the money, Super Collapse 3 is a good purchase, with many potential hours of time wasting during your commute.


- Omni

(December 24, 2007)


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