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Q1 2004


- Smooth animations

- Fun

- Nice textures

- Puts the stylus to good use



- Weak audio

- Putting is hard at first



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Tiger Woods PGA Tour

Score: 7.8 / 10


Tiger Woods PGA Tour is one of the earlier games to appear on the DS but itís also one of the best. I havenít found many DS games that I like so far and this one took me by surprise. Iím not saying this is my favorite game on the handheld so far, but there is quite a bit of fun packed into this tiny cartridge.


tiger woods pga tour review tiger woods pga tour review


There aren't a huge amount of modes to choose from but as far as Iím concerned, thereís enough. Legend mode is where the real meat of the game is found. Players get to customize their own golfer and put him through the ultimate golf challenge (on a handheld that is). You always have to try and come out on top (obviously) and the amount of money you get really depends on how well you play. Money is used to improve your attributes like giving additional power to your swings. I can see a lot of golf fans digging this game for this mode alone.


A multiplayer option is also available, but itís too bad thereís no single slot multiplayer offered. I did find a friend who owns the game and got a chance to play with him. Multiplayer is good and all, but again, the real meat is in Legend mode.


Lining up your swing is pretty easy. All you really need to do is use the stylus and aim. For good aiming, Tiger Woods offers an overhead view of a map which helps makes this game easy for anyone to play. To hit the ball with power, players must make sort of a Ďjí shaped motion with the stylus. Practice is definitely needed to get used to the motion. Before swinging, players also have the option to get an extra boost for their swing by rubbing a boost bar with the stylus until it starts to glow red. I did find putting to be a little difficult, but with some practice it became second nature.





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EA really took advantage of the touch screen using a unique addition to spin the ball in the air. While airborne, the player can spin the ball and basically tell it where to bounce by using the touch pad to imitate the movements of the ball. This was pretty creative of EA and is not only unique, but a fine addition to the game.


The graphics are definitely a mixed bag here. Iím not expecting console graphics of  


course, but the models do look kind of jagged. However, they have very smooth animations which kind of makes up for the jagged figures because, after all, it is a handheld. The backgrounds lack in detail, but they do have some nice textures and get the job done.


Audio is where the game lacks the most with overused sounds in the background and the noises from the crowd. Music isnít critical to have in a golf game, but what they did have was pretty bad. I personally donít think the overall sound will tick anyone off unless youíre a very picky player.


Would I suggest Tiger Woods PGA Tour to every DS owner? No, this is strictly for the golf fans that just happen to own a DS. I myself am not a golfer nor do I like playing golf games that much, but I know a good game when I see one. Fans of the Tiger Woods console games will find much value in this one.


- J'Tonello

(April 17, 2005)


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