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November 12, 2007



- Mortal Kombat III holds its own against other DS fighting games

- Two games for the price of one (or at least one and a half games)

- Wi-Fi is very accessible



- The D-pad isn't great for pulling off some of the combos.

- Puzzle Kombat is almost enough to instill narcolepsy in a player



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Ultimate Mortal Kombat

Score: 7.0 / 10


ultimate mortal kombat          ultimate mortal kombat


It’s an interesting pairing, the puzzle machinations of Puzzle Kombat and the disemboweling display of Mortal Kombat 3, but it works for the most part.


Puzzle Kombat is a poor man’s Tetris.  It managed to hold my interest for about 50 boring minutes.  Colored blocks fall continuously, you try to match them up as you wait for “Breakers” to fall, which eliminate like-colored blocks they touch, or waiting for the “Bombs” that eliminate all of the like-colored blocks on the board.  Then all these blocks are dropped into your opponents play field.  To mix things up each fighter has a unique power-up move that can be activated when the 




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- Games Published by Midway

power-up bar is at full.  Ho hum.  It’s a little better when played head-to-head because you can trash talk, though over Wi-Fi Connection that’s lost.


Faring much better is a great translation of Mortal Kombat 3 – great animation, big characters, good audio, etc.  If it weren’t for the small directional pad of


the DS, this would be an awesome arcade translation.


Pulling off the special moves takes quite a bit of practice, but any frustration that might cause is somewhat offset by the top screen displaying buttons and directions to press to pull off those special moves, including the Babalities, Fatalities, Animalities, and Friendships.  A little arcade “nub” would have made things easier.


ultimate mortal kombat          ultimate mortal kombat

Don't be fooled by the screenshots.  The screen on the right shows the MK3 logo but during gameplay it displays the move list for your character.


Midway has seen fit to include DS Download Play for both Puzzle Kombat and Mortal Kombat, though some of the features might be toned down.  The shining gem here is the Wi-Fi Connection, which is free of lag (in this reviewer’s experience).  There seems to be no problem at all connecting to a match, but there’s still the problem of Friend Codes to add players to your Friends Roster.  That’s not the problem of the game, that’s the setup of the Wi-Fi architecture.


There aren’t that many fighting games for the DS so Ultimate Mortal Kombat doesn’t have much competition but it’s still a good fighting game, pardon the cliché, on the go.


- Omni

(November 29, 2007)


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