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GameBoy Advance












E (Everyone)



Q4 2004



- Lush graphics and detailed environments
- Numerous playable DBZ characters
- Not only fun for the fans; fun for anyone!
- A great blend of action and RPG elements



- Sound lacks greatly
- Action can become repetitive when revisiting old places
- Story doesnít really fill in what happened in the last game



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Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury

Score: 8.1 / 10


buu's fury review         buu's fury review


The Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) series has been a hands-down success on the GBA, so there wasnít much surprise when another title was announced. DBZ: Buuís Fury picks off where the last game left off. I went into Buuís Fury the way I have with all of the DBZ games Ė ignorance. And while I admit that most of the previous DBZ games Iíve played left me bored and displeased, Buuís Fury is the first title in the series that had me going.

DBZ: Buuís Fury ease of play and uncomplicated structure can be seen straight from the start. Of course this game isnít intended for older audiences, any age group can




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find pleasure from the title.

One of the first things that youíll notice is the vibrant colors and stellar graphics. For a GBA titles, Buuís Fury uses all of the GBAís capabilities to the max, and boy does it look good. Cities, characters, items Ė pretty much everything came out nearly perfect, adding great atmosphere to the settings, a hard task for a GBA developer.

The fighting system, a


RPG style with real-time actions, is very fun and addicting from the start. Imagine if Fable was butchered a million times over and tossed into the GBA format Ė thatís how Buuís Fury plays. Players can choose standard attacks, such as kicking and punching, or they can perform larger and stronger attacks, such as combos and special secondary attacks. The action can be fun at times, but at other times, it can be repetitive. Most of the character skins look alike, which isnít that bad since the GBA can only do so much, but the respawning enemies and cyclical gameplay will bore many quickly.

As mentioned before, Buuís Fury supports lush graphics that make it standout as one of the best-looking GBA games to date. Although most of the beady-eyed characters donít carry too much detail, the surroundings are packed to the max, with every pixel doings its job.


buu's fury review         buu's fury review


In the audio department, not a lot is going on. Aside from the basic techno-instrumental music and generic sound effects, Buuís Fury doesnít carry the same kind of attention to detail as the graphical department. Even though the sound support for the GBA has never been spectacular, there have been certain games, such as Golden Sun and Lunar Legend, which have taken advantage of music and sound.

Dragon Ball Z: Buuís Fury is an excellent choice for the fans of the Dragon Ball Z series, and a decent choice for fans unfamiliar, like myself, to the series. Great action-RPG elements and beautiful graphics will keep you glued to the screen from start to finish.

- Eric Lahiji
(December 18, 2004)


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