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E (Everyone)



Q4 2004



- Solid gameplay
- Strategic
- Fans of the series will love it
- Card playing fans will also love it



- Not for everyone
- For younger audience
- Having to switch the screen for card descriptions is aggravating



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Duel Masters: Kaijudo Showdown

Score: 7.8 / 10


duel masters review         duel masters review


Duel Masters: Kaijudo Showdown is a game based on the childrenís anime of the same name. It is also the sequel to Duel Masters: Sempai Legends. (I am not familiar with the anime at all besides knowing that it existed before playing the game, so donít expect me to mention how faithful the game is to the series.)

Players must choose any card from their deck and place it in the ďmana poolí which enables players to cast spells or summon monsters. Spells are cast right away while monsters get ďsummoning sicknessĒ which prevents any use of them for a whole turn. There are also five different classes for cards: Darkness, Light, Nature,




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Fire and Water. To summon a monster, players must sacrifice one of their card classes. Itís pretty simple and kids should be able to pick up the concept quickly. Whatís annoying is memorizing the card descriptions. If you want a description for a card, you have to wait for the screen to fade and another screen to pop up with the description. Some people may not have a problem with this, but I lack patience and


Iím sure there are many other people who would also get frustrated with this.

This game was definitely inspired by Magic: the Gathering and from what I remember of Magic, Duel Masters doesnít play much differently at all. I could be wrong since I havenít played Magic in a very long time so Iím not going to get all technical of saying how original Duel Masters really is.


duel masters review


Visually, the game isnít that bad. Battle animations are all right and the towns look pretty good. Iím not very fond of the character designs but then again I realize that this game is targeted towards children and itís not meant to have the mature anime like look, so I bet that the kids are very fond of Duel Mastersí character designs.

The gameís sound is the same as it appears visually. Itís not bad at all, but still isnít that great. Sound effects arenít the best but they do get the job done. The tunes arenít really catchy but again they get the job done.

Would I suggest Duel Masters: Kaijudo Showdown to just anyone? No, not at all, but fans of card games and fanboys of the anime would have a blast with this one.

- JíTonello
(April 14, 2005)


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