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Q3 2002



- Colorful graphics



- Insanely buggy
- Slowdown
- Instant death for no reason
- Poor sound



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Earthworm Jim 2

Score: 3.0 / 10


earthworm-jim-2-1.jpg (21770 bytes)         earthworm-jim-2-2.jpg (21390 bytes)


When it comes to these 16-bit games of old getting re-released for the Gameboy Advance, it can be exciting in some ways since it means a classic from long ago is about to get a second lease on life, but it doesnít take too long to realize that a lot of the happy thoughts you had of the game were really more nostalgia more than anything else. Unfortunately nostalgia is all we have with this GBA conversion of Earthworm Jim 2, as this version of the game was obviously not properly tested for




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bugs resulting in an infuriating experience that will leave most anyone who plays the game waving their fists to the sky in rage.

The levels are all there, and the setup for the game is everything weíve come to expect from a platform game coming out of the 16-bit era. The graphics are as crisp and colorful, and are actually quite easy to see on the GBA screen, not all


murky, dark, and likely to cause blindness like some games on the system. Itís too bad that slowdown pummels the game at times, though, as it screwing up the entire pace of the game. Also, I hope you like your music mushy and muffled, because thatís just what youíll get with the soundtrack here.

And it gets worse, kids. The password system is horribly, horribly flawed (even the fact that the game uses a long string password system is a flaw unto itself). Either the passwords wonít work or youíll get sent to that level and die instantly for no good reason. This is the sort of stuff that should be weeded out of a game in testing good and quick, making it necessary to wonder weather or not the game even got tested in the first place.

Itís really sad to see Earthworm Jim 2 take this kind of a beating because the original 16-bit versions of the game on the SNES and Genesis were absolutely fabulous to play, but what we have here is something that is buggy as all hell and likely to induce heights of frustration players never knew they had. Just stay well away from this title, itís not worth your time.

- Mr. Nash
(November 20, 2002)


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