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Q4 2004



- Great music
- Sticks to the F-Zero formula
- Multiplayer



- Still the same old racing



Review: F-Zero - Maximum Velocity (GBA)

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F-Zero: GP Legend

Score: 7.9 / 10


f-zero gp legend review         f-zero gp legend review


Did you like F-Zero: Maximum Velocity? Did you miss it and just want to have that Mode-7 experience? Answer ďYesĒ to either of those and you should be all over this title.

Not a whole lot has been changed from Maximum Velocity, the previous GBA F-Zero title. The objective remains to win races, whether it be in the Saturday morning




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cartoon-based Story mode, race of GP modes. Beat your opponents or progress through the story to unlock the roster of vehicles. Thatís F-Zero: GP Legendís gameplay in a nutshell.

The tracks arenít quite as zany as itís GameCube big brother but there are a few of them that are ridiculously fun/frustrating to make up for it. Thereís nothing quite like ramming a


jump at 1,000+ km/h with only a vague feeling of where youíre going to land. Tracks like these, especially when racing head-to-head against human opponents via the link cable, really set GP apart from the first game.

Control, sound, and graphics are all on par with the previous game, so thereís not much distinction between the two there Ė it should still remind older players of the SNES game. That said, it should be noted that the music is probably better than Maximum Velocity.

If ever Nintendo was to start packing 2-in-1 GBA packs, F-Zero is a prime candidate. Aside from the multiplayer (which is a hoot), thereís not a whole lot thatís new. Still, I have to admit that F-Zero: GP Legend is a good racing title.

- Omni
(November 19, 2004)


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