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Q3 2001



- Nice tracks
- Good challenge
- Plenty of replay value



- So-so visuals
- So-so music



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F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

Score: 7.5 / 10


f-zero-maximum-velocity-1.jpg (9043 bytes)   f-zero-maximum-velocity-2.jpg (9548 bytes)   f-zero-maximum-velocity-3.jpg (11428 bytes)


There seems to be a few set in stone, undeniable, eternal truths as to what the future will be like. Clothing will be outrageously designed, flipping out at weird angles, space travel will happen on a massive level (likely due to the sun going nova), and we have about a 50-50 chance that either we'll be living in an idyllic, war-free world where everything is smiles and sunshine, or a dark, decaying, over-sexed, drugged up land where the evil corporation calls the shots. Arguably the biggest future truth of all is that we'll have flying cars, or at least ones that hover.




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Nintendo knows this, they've seen the future (they do have a time machine, don't believe the nay Sayers). In the early 90s they helped prepare the world's youth for this inevitable future by making a superb hover car simulator for the SNES called F-Zero. The kids loved it and could rest easy feeling safe in the knowledge that they knew the fundamentals of how to operate a hover car. About six


years later Nintendo began to worry that these youths were becoming soft, and not practicing their hover car driving skills nearly enough anymore, not to mention that a whole new generation was growing up and had to prepare for the future and flying cars, so a sequel came to the N64. Now, with a handheld system available to handle the technical requirements of the original F-Zero, Nintendo has released F-Zero: Maximum Velocity for the GameBoy Advance. Between its clean display and simple, yet gripping, nature the game provides all of the fun and learning material so that we can all practice our hover car driving wherever we go.

F-Zero: Maximum Velocity looks much like the SNES version of F-Zero, showing off the GBA's ability to display graphics on par with the late, great 16-bit console. The different courses all scroll at you with that Mode 7 scaling vibe of years long past. Meanwhile the designs of the hover cars is a mix of the future with a 50s hot rod mentality of curves and tailfins. Track design is very well done as there are enough twists and turns to keep one occupied with enjoying the game, not pulling their hair out in frustration. Sound on the other hand is definitely not for everyone. While the effects are serviceable the music is very much like that found in 16-bit games where things can get all to poppy all to fast. Beware.

Control is simple enough, leaving players only to concern themselves with steering, gas, breaks, and turbo. It's simple, to the point, and easy to get into. It by no means makes the game any easier, as it is of the utmost importance that gamers quickly learn to brake well going into the corners, so less buttons to worry about doesn't reduce the difficulty of the title.

The selection of play modes is respectable as Maximum Velocity has a practice mode, grand prix, and two link cable options. It's all you really need to get a good amount of enjoyment out of the game.

At the end of the day what Maximum Velocity provides is the type of game experience one expects from a handheld: simple gameplay that can stay entertaining for a long period of time. You can't really ask for much more from it. Granted it can be hard to see the on-screen action without the aid of natural light, but other than that there is plenty of fun to be had from this game.

- Mr. Nash
(August 16, 2001)


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