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Platform: GameBoy Advance
Genre: Platformer / Action
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
ESRB: E (Everyone)
Released: Q4 2004





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Score: 8.5 / 10



The original Metroid that inspired some of the best games

A great rehash for all gamers

Did I mention itís only $20?




- No extras or added elements and if you own Metroid: Zero Mission you'll feel completely ripped off

- A straightforward port Ė nothing extraordinary



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"...Metroid provides an excellent source of platforming at a very moderate price tag."


There are some games out there that never get tiring. You can pick up the controller and just play for hours upon hours, even though you know exactly what happens next and all the tricks. For some reason it just never gets tiresome. For me, the only game that I have played on an almost constant basis (until recently) has been the original Halo. For three years running I played the game day in and day out, knowing exactly where each grunt would be and where that extra ammo could be found. Games such as Halo carry on with a distinct sub-name: Classic. The NES Classic series is an ode to all of the great games from the 1980s that the younger generation has missed out on. Regardless of the current technology and gameplay today, once a game is deemed classic, it will always keep that title.


metroid classic      metroid classic


Those who are lucky, or old enough, who remember the NES version of Metroid know that it fits every characteristic of a classic. Being so, Metroid stands as the best NES Classic Series game released to date. The gameplay may not be as in-depth as Half-Life 2 and everyone can agree that itís graphics are slightly better than Pong, but that doesnít stop gamers, or myself, from playing this game.


To be completely honest, this is actually the only Metroid game that I own. Having given away my old systems and never purchased a Gamecube, I do not share the joys of others playing the Metroid Prime series. Instead I sit and play my little old SP and Metroid, which contains hours upon hours of fun.


The game is pretty much an exact port of the old NES game, except with altered colors. There are no extra features or added mechanics to gameplay, sound, graphics, etc. the title on the box is pretty much everything youíre going to get.


The gameplay is as simplistic as it gets. There is the D-pad for movement, a button for jumping and a button for shooting. Aside from curling into a little ball and switching weapons,

those are about the only moves Samus can perform, which you must use wisely in some tense environments infested with enemies.


The level design of Metroid is one of its best features. Instead of being a straightforward 2D side scroller, the player must utilize all directions in order to be successful. Timing and ammo conservation is key when moving through the tight quarters, for one small mistake will cause you to start all over.



Metroid can be a blast at times, but at other times can be very frustrating. Some levels will have you performing the same movements and actions for ten minutes only to get you to a room with no purpose. The lack of a map makes traveling twice as difficult, for the level design is so monochromatic you wonít be able to tell, in most circumstances, whether or not youíve visited the same location twice.


Aside from these problems, Metroid provides an excellent source of platforming at a very moderate price tag. There canít be enough good said about this title as it serves as a remake of one of the early titles that changed the face of gaming forever. If youíve never played the Metroid series before, are an old school fan of NES games, or just want a stellar title for your GBA or DS, pick up the NES Classic Series Metroid game today! Itís so small and affordable you can use it as a stocking gift this Christmas.


- Eric Lahiji

(December 19, 2004)


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