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May 23, 2005



- More WarioWare action
- Lots of new microgames
- The gyro adds quite a few complications
- Great character roster



- There’s nothing that can match that first WarioWare experience



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WarioWare: Twisted

Score: 9.0 / 10


warioware twisted review       warioware twisted review


What’s most amazing to me is that the roster of characters in the WarioWare games has not spawned a cottage industry of spin-offs. All the now-classic characters found in the previous WarioWare games return, including the NES-loving 9-Volt, Dr. Crygor, Jimmy, Kat & Anna and, of course, Wario. With the exception of Wario, none of them has been featured in their own stand-alone game but I suppose WarioWare Twisted could be considered a spin-off for all the characters




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since the cartridge features a built-in gyroscope and most of the game is spent tilting the GBA (sometimes spinning it) to complete an assortment of microgames.

For anyone unfamiliar with microgames here’s a quick explanation: Microgames are three-second (more or less) challenges. For example, in Twisted you’ll shave a man’s face, play the opening level of the


original Super Mario Bros. (albeit modified), catch fruit, strike matches, demolish buildings with a wrecking ball, fill and empty beakers of water, lure a cat, swat bugs, hammer nails, do sit-ups, cut hair, the list goes on and on. None of them require a ton of thought – mostly it comes down to fast reflexes but there are a few where you have to think quickly. And a few that are funny enough that laughter creates a distraction.

With only a few exceptions when use of the A-button is necessary, the microgames are all completed with a twisted of the GBA. At first I was a slightly skeptical that the microgames would be as engrossing and frantic as the previous titles in the series. But Twisted won me over quickly. Moving the GBA around actually isn’t as tough to get a handle on as you might think; however, you should be warned that playing Twisted while in a moving vehicle is nigh impossible. Any kind of outside motion will affect the gyroscope and if the device does calibrate, movement will affect your ability to complete the microgames with any level of proficiency. Playing like this will certainly heighten the challenge but unless you like frustration, play this one when you get where you’re going, rather than on the way there.


warioware twisted review       warioware twisted review


For fans of the series, Twisted adds quite a big wrinkle to the microgames. You’ll never have to use the directional pad – even the menus are completely navigated buy moving the GBA. It can take a little bit of “training” to become acclimatized to the control but it’s a fairly easy transition.

Like the previous titles the story mode is the way to unlock the microgames for individual play, where you can work on earning a high score. Challengers in the story mode can be tackled individually after they have been defeated in the story mode, again to grab that high score and see just how quick you can complete the microgames as they get faster and faster. There’s a ton of extra stuff thrown into the mix too. As you defeat the characters time-wasters and short challenges become available in the Extras menu.

WarioWare Twisted remains faithful to the spirit of the series with lots of crudely drawn figures, various mish-mash of classic Nintendo games, and some really bizarre animations. But I can’t say that Twisted outshines its predecessors. Lets face it; nothing can quite match that first WarioWare experience.

Fans of the WarioWare series or those that have yet to get on the WarioWare wagon should take WarioWare Twisted out for a spin. The gyro may seem like a gimmick – and it probably is – but that doesn’t make Twisted any less worthy of the WarioWare moniker – it’s fun, challenging, and ever so twisted.

- Omni
(June 13, 2005)


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