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Platform: N-Gage

Genre: Extreme Sports

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: EA Canada

ESRB: E (Everyone)

Released: January 2005





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SSX Out of Bounds

Score: 6.2 / 10



- Captures a lot of the fun of the console versions

- Lots of tricks

- Soundtrack is okay

- Stats tracking




- Short draw distance

- Some graphical stuttering

- Characters don’t matter



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"...for N-gage owners SSX Out of Bounds is a solid extreme sports pick."


As a gaming platform, I’ve mostly overlooked the N-gage.  The game deck itself left a bad taste in my mouth.  Nokia shaped-up the unit with the release of the QD but there’s a continued perception that it’s not worthy as a game machine.  Making rethink this is SSX Out of Bounds.


ssx out of bounds review          ssx out of bounds review


Developed by EA Canada, Out of Bounds takes the “one mountain” approach of SSX 3 and crams it onto the QD with a lot of same kind of fun found with it’s big brother console versions.  The graphics have obviously been scaled back in a big way – the characters lack necks, poor draw distance – and the audio takes some hits but the basics of going fast and performing lots of physics-bending tricks are still accounted for.


It does takes some adjusting and learning to really get a handle on the control, especially if you’re used to having shoulder buttons; however, the way the borders handle is a carbon copy of that found in SSX 3.  So although it takes a bit of time to adjust to the controls it’s not long enough to cause frustration.


The environments are good translation of those found in SSX 3 though there’s less chance of free-roaming and many more obvious off-limit areas.  Each run, whether it be racing or trick challenges, scrolls by in an acceptable manner but the graphical chop can be distracting at times.  Much more effort went toward creating smooth animations for the border.  The trade-off between speed and looking acceptable was a good choice though.



ssx out of bounds review


There is also the chance to customize your border somewhat with increase stats and outfit accessories.  The stats do make a difference in some of the tougher races and helps ensure huge trick scores that can be compared with other players over N-gage Arena.


It may not be enough to encourage everyone to 



run out and buy an N-gage, but for N-gage owners SSX Out of Bounds is a solid extreme sports pick.


- Omni

(March 31, 2005)


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