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Platform: N-Gage
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: XS Games
Developer: Paragon 5
ESRB: E (Everyone)
Released: Q2 2005





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Worms World Party

Score: 8.2 / 10



- Great strategy game on the go

- Looks great

- Multiplayer can be a lot of fun



- A steeper than average learning curve

- AI that takes a long time to do anything


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"...Worms World Party offers a great amount of color and detail that makes one wonder why there aren’t more 2D strategy games."


There can never really be enough strategy games.  Though I enjoy a good action game, the strategy genre may just be my favorite, which is why it may sound strange that I’ve never played a Worms game until now.  But Worms World Party is so good I’ve actually sought out a few of the previous titles in the series (though not all of them are close to greatness).


worms world party review          worms world party review


In a solid combination of real-time and turn-based strategy and just a dash of side-scrolling platformer, Worms World Party (WWP) serves up not only a great mobile game, but a solid (and full-featured) N-Gage title that offers a few laughs, too. (Or at least a cracked smile thanks to the accent of the worms and some of the more unusual weapons.)


WWP features a complete roster of single-player and multiplayer modes.  For sure you’ll want to play against human opponents, not only because playing humans is a lot more fun but because of at least one foible of AI.  Each turn lasts a set time period – make your moves (blast stuff with the right weapon, move your worms around the map, dodge for cover, etc.) toward your objective then wait out your opponents “real-time” moves.  The problem with the AI is that it attempts to behave like a real person, seemingly just doing nothing while you

sit staring at the screen waiting for your turn.  While this waiting would be acceptable while playing with human opponents – through Bluetooth, the Internet or “pass the N-Gage” – when it’s just you, all by your lonesome, it can become a little tiring.


The actual strategy involved can be engrossing, even at long stretches – at least after you’ve got a handle on the controls and the way weapons behave.  There’s a good tutorial but WWP is no “pick-up and play title.”  For the most part, the buttons are placed somewhat logically and it actually feels okay.  The technical aspects of the controls belie WWP’s apparent toonish appearance .




Finding a 2D strategy game these days is like finding $1,000,000 in unmarked $20 bills during a kitchen renovation.  Worms has wriggled to the 3D realm on other platforms but that just wouldn’t work with WWP on N-Gage.  Indeed, WWP offers a great amount of color and detail that makes one wonder why there aren’t more 2D strategy games. (3D be damned!)  Besides looking good, it also sounds pretty, too.  I’ve always puzzled over why there’s no easy way to adjust the volume on the N-Gage.  As good as WWP sounds, it’s just a little too loud – a complaint I never thought I would make against a war game.


If you can get over the AI that tends to take way too long to make decisions and a somewhat steep learning curve when it comes to the controls and learning all the abilities your squad of worms is capable of then Worm World Party comes recommended to N-Gage owners.


- Omni

(May 25, 2005)


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