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Playstation 2












E (Everyone)



Q4 2004



- Good controls

- Tricks aren't complicated or hard to pull off

- Online play

- Good customization



- There are better racers out there

- Graphics could be a little better

- Music may not appeal to everyone



Review: ATV OffRoad Fury 2 (PS2)

Review: ATV Quad Power Racing 2 (PS2)



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ATV Off-Road Fury 3

Score: 8.3 / 10


Good amount of modes to pick from like single events, championship, mini games, online play and more. Players will get a lot of value with this game especially for the hardcore ATV fans. When you get bored of single player, just hop on over to online multiplayer. Itís a real blast, even for those who arenít hardcore fans of the series.


atv offroad fury 3 review            atv offroad fury 3 review


Controls in this game feel very similar to the predecessor which is definitely a good thing. They are responsive and I canít think of any legitimate complaint about them. Like a lot of racing games now, there is some trial and error involved. It really helps to memorize the different tracks found throughout the game. What I really like about ATV OF3 is pulling off tricks. By holding down and then up, your character will gain more altitude at jumps and you can then push circle, triangle or L1 and a direction with the left analog to execute a trick.  Even ďIĒ can do it, and trust me when I say Iím the worst at this kind of stuff. (Iíll never go near another Tony Hawk game again, ever. Iíve learned to let go of trying).





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When pulling off tricks, players receive credits which can be used to buy upgrades for their ATVs or more gear for their riders. Buying upgrades or new ATVs is essential in this game so make sure you do a lot of tricks. More additional information on the shop is listed under the customization section below.  


Customization is pretty good in this game. You can choose different specs for your ATV and character. For your character you can choose different helmets, jersey/pants, goggles, 


gloves and boots. You can also fool around with the colors if you wish. For the ATVs, players can tune their ATVs up, change the parts, repaint it or put logos on it. You can also buy additional parts and riderís gear at the shop. Heck, at the shop you can buy new ATVs, tracks, mini games and music videos.


atv offroad fury 3 review          atv offroad fury 3 review


If youíve played online in ATV OF2, you will feel right at home with ATV OF3. It plays pretty much the same but it allows 6 players at once instead of 4 from the last game. This livens the experience more than I thought it would which is obviously a good thing.


Graphically, ATV OF3 looks better than the previous two games. The models of the ATVs and riders now have more of a finished feel to it while the environments, unfortunately, still look a tad bit unpolished. Donít expect it to be able to compare with some of the other racing games out there, but itís definitely not a slacker. It looks good and feels good and thatís whatís most important.


As far as audio goes, the game is a mixed bag of licensed music. I donít find the majority of music to my liking, but thatís just me. Some of the music goes pretty well with the game. Sound effects sound realistic and there is no complaint coming from me as far as that goes.


Is ATV Offroad Fury 3 worth your money? If youíre a fan of the series or just want a good online game that can last you for a while, then go for it. There are some better racing games out there, but ATV can stand its own ground. Itís more than worth every penny.


- J'Tonello

(December 15, 2004)

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