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- Some cool weapons



- Bad collision detection

- Game is too easy



Review: Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (Gamecube)

Review: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (XBox)

Review: Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Playstation 2)



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Star Wars: Bounty Hunter

Score: 7.0 / 10

One of the reasons why Star Wars: Bounty Hunter fails is because of the success of its franchise. I am as big a fan of Star Wars as anyone — hell, I bought tickets for Star Wars: The Clone Wars in advance for the first day the movie came out — but I feel suffocated sometimes by the almost two-decades old George Lucas concoction.


The game’s cliché is: "been there, done that."


bounty-hunter-1.jpg (37744 bytes)   bounty-hunter-2.jpg (39316 bytes)   bounty-hunter-3.jpg (35429 bytes)


Bounty Hunter (BH) has some original ideas, but I think the game would have stood out better if it were independent of the Star Wars tag. The first cut scene to the game is the overused introduction to anything Star Wars-related, and it only gets more annoying after that. There is the Star Wars music, the Star Wars sound effects, and even some of the characters cross over.


You take control of Jango Fett, the most powerful bounty hunter of them all, and he has a variety of moves. I was surprised of how much platforming there was in BH, as there are a good amount of grappling and jumping sections also.


The game looks decent, but there are no genre-pushing graphics here. I would rate the graphics above average. The game looks clean, but it suffers from game play slowdowns. BH is fully 3-D, but the game bogs down at times along with the camera angles getting screwy, meaning the right angle is not always used and that it is slow to follow the action. I had to stop playing the game a few times because my stomach hurt.





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The collision detection is also not good. You can immerse yourselves in walls and punch through objects. You can target enemies, but there is no precision shot right away.


The storyline starts slow. You have to get through the first couple of scenarios or levels just to find a rationale for all of your meandering. There is the Star Wars introduction at the beginning, and the instruction manual gives a vague plot, but you don’t find a sense of what you are playing for until the fourth or fifth scenario.



The big problem with the game play is the easiness. Most of the game revolves around pressing R1 for auto-aim and pressing the shoot button. Again, the whole Star Wars-cheesiness gets annoying.


As far as replay value goes, there are some unlockable items, but there isn’t much else. The sound track is typical of any Star Wars game, but when enemies are lurking, the music noticeably goes lower.


The game for Star Wars fan is probably much better. I just couldn’t get over the whole Star Wars thing being thrust at me. The game by itself, is sort of bland and unexciting because of the lack of variety. You have some cool weapons to work with, but they can’t salvage this game from mediocrity.


- Tim Martin

(February 16, 2003)

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