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- Good squad command system

- Doesn't do anything horribly wrong in general



- Huge learning curve

- Frustrating sniper rifle

- Too large of a difficult leap from training to missions



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Conflict: Desert Storm II - Back to Baghdad

Score: 7.0 / 10 

The first Desert Storm was based on the 1990 Persian Gulf War. As many of you have guessed the sequel was released due to coincide with the recent US led war on Iraq. However the story of this sequel is set directly after the original Persian Gulf War. Since it had about a year in development, the game is understandably flawed but nonetheless a good sequel to the franchise.


conflict-desert-storm-ii-1.jpg (58888 bytes)          conflict-desert-storm-ii-2.jpg (41762 bytes)


The game is squad based so your characters are specialized officers who are handy with different weapons. You have your commander who is a balanced character, a 'deadly' sniper who couldn't get a headshot from ten feet away, a demolitions expert (a little C4 anyone?) and your gunner who can handle some pretty cool guns).


The game has very simple graphics, though it's not as much of a con as one would think. The levels are scarcely detailed but character models are done very well. Every single one of your squad members looks distinctively different and you can even tell them apart in the heat of a battle. The weapons aren't heavily detailed but they are recognizable enough that it doesn't deter from the gameplay.





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Since DSII is a squad base game, naturally squad commands are built right into the control scheme. Mastering them will take a while but with a little practice they become second nature. Using squad commands you can make your squad fall back to you, go to a certain point on the map, hold fire and stand ground. The only substantial problem is the god-awful sniper rifle. It takes so long for you to get a bead on the enemy and sometimes your shots will miraculously completely miss the 


enemy. By then your sniper is usually out of commission waiting for a medic or even dead. You can also control standard military vehicles throughout the games like tanks and APCs. However it feels pretty unrealistic controlling these vehicles, as they feel too light weight for such a heavy object.


conflict-desert-storm-ii-3.jpg (43692 bytes)          conflict-desert-storm-ii-4.jpg (38586 bytes)


Voice acting for the squads in the games is respectable. The British squad sounds, well, British (genuinely British, not a detestable attempt at it). The only bad case of voice acting is the sergeant in the Training mode. Unfortunately you cannot shut him up by shooting him with the various weapons you learn to use. Rather you get to shoot lifeless targets while his voice drones on. Thankfully the training is over quickly and you will never have to willingly hear him again.


Simply put DSII is your average squad shooter. There is nothing breathtaking about this game but it can provide you with some hours of enjoyment. Unless you were enamored by the original Desert Storm, I would recommend you only rent this game.


- Stefan Shetty

(November 19th, 2003)

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