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Q3 2005



- Lots of enjoyable games

- Great multiplayer game 



- Some of the games aren’t enjoyable

- Bonus features aren’t particularly great



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EyeToy Play 2

Score: 8.0 / 10


The PS2 EyeToy released back in the spring of 2003 and was met by much praise. Since its release, several games have been release for the EyeToy, including EyeToy Antigrav and EyeToy Groove. EyeToy Play 2 is the latest addition to the library of EyeToy games.


eyetoy play 2      eyetoy play 2      eyetoy play 2


EyeToy Play 2 consists of twelve games, which are further subdivided into mini-games. Some of the new games include boxing, kung fu, table tennis and baseball.





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Along with the twelve games, there are also a number of extras that come on the game disc. One of the new features is the “Spy Toy”, which basically allows you to convert your EyeToy into a spy camera. You can set your EyeToy to detect sound or motion. Another new extra is the video messaging feature which allows you to record messages onto your memory card. Both of the extras are rather pointless and seem more like filler than anything else.



All of the EyeToy Play 2's dozen games can be played either solo or with friends. A majority of the games are quite good, while a few of the games aren’t particularly interesting. The best games include baseball, boxing, and soccer. In baseball the player must swing his or her arms to hit the ball. Baseball starts you in a practice mode and later leads to putting you in an actual game situation. Boxing pits you against a number of fighters as you work your way to the top to win the heavyweight championship. Along your journey to the top, you’ll also be able to experience some of the mundane aspects of boxing such as using a punching bag.  Soccer basically allows you to play a goalie and attempt to stop as many penalty kicks as you can.


The multiplayer is quite good and should certainly extend the replay value of the game. You can play the mini-games with up to four players. Before you start play, you can each make your own icon, which represents your character. All the same mini-games available in the single player game are available in the multiplayer mode.


EyeToy Play 2 is certainly the best EyeToy game on the PS2. If you’re on the fence about getting an EyeToy then Play 2 will certainly change your mind.


- Siddharth Masand

(November 27, 2005)

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